Stop it with this stitching.

5/06/2011 10:58:00 AM
I adore fashion.

I adore seeing trends come and go. Newest trends I'm not so excited about? There is a resurgence in belly shirts. Ugh. I've had two babies in two years. This look, as my husband told me, is no longer for me. (It's questionable whether or not it should have been for me in 1997 when I was rocking it, too.)

I love a lot of what is happening right now.

But this? I simply cannot stand behind this look.

Even if it's marked down from $290.00 to $89.00

This stitching is terrible. Borderline obscene.

I totally wish I had known that this garment existed when I was pregnant. I would have rocked it.

How awesome to see a pregnant woman walking around in this with the whole up-top and belly stitching such as it is?



  1. Oy. I'm not so much the fashionista, but I can completely agree with you here!


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