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5/11/2011 04:08:00 AM

It's no secret that I'm an fervent online shopper. Given my location and the fact that I haven't set FOOT in the United States since last JULY [insert audible gasp here], I rely quite heavily on amazon and the rest of the world wide web (and friends & family visiting Cabo and the importer) on a weekly daily basis.

Just ask my husband.

In case you haven't heard of - now's the time to check it out.

I heard about it from The Oprah and I wanted to try it out before I blogged about it.

Essentially, you shop online through and various websites/companies "give back" on average 4% of your purchase for you to donate through a foundation you create so that you can donate to whomever you'd like to donate to.

So, here's how it works.

1.) Become a member of by creating your foundation.

2.) Select the charities you'd like to give to.

3.) Shop. (You must first click on, sign in to your foundation, THEN go to the "shop" tab and find your merchant. You can only earn points/dollars by going through

I started my foundation, ViviLi (clever, no?), then found that Nordstroms was one of their merchants. So I clicked on Nordstoms through the site and bought some shoes. I waited approximately 20 days and my 4% return showed up in my giveback account as pending. After the 30-day return period runs out, the pending cash will be ready for me to donate to the charity of my choice.

How easy is that?!

Sure, $6.84 isn't a lot... but I can go ahead and guarantee that I can increase that total in no time at all. :)

(Also, if you want to round out your donation total before you give to a charity, you can donate to your own foundation at any time.)

Finally, there are quite a number of merchants who you can shop through on
  • Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy
  • Vera Bradley
  • Nordstoms
  • Bluefly
  • Apple
  • REI
  • Red Envelope
Tons more. See here.

So sign up today and start saving the world ONE purchase at a time! Yippee!

Note: I am never compensated for my product reviews or recommendations.

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  1. I saw this on Oprah, too, and wondered how it worked. Thank you!


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