Movie Review: Black Swan

5/24/2011 04:38:00 AM

I can succinctly sum up my movie review of Black Swan in one almost-word: "blech".

I'd like to elaborate, if you'll allow me:

If I were a professional ballet dancer and I saw this movie, I'd be annoyed. And appalled. And I probably would have rolled my eyes a lot.

This movie was ridiculous.

Natalie Portman is a doll. (I will forever love her for her character in Garden State.) However, her character, Nina, was juvenile. It was silly. It was tough to watch: the constantly being tucked in and coddled by her crazy Mom, her relentless naivate when it came to sex and relationships, her tremendously disturbing body image, her inability to ever open her mouth and speak up for herself -- it was all too much.

The plot chugged along, for me.

I was incapable of having empathy for Nina. She annoyed me. She behaved like an 8-year-old in a woman's [questionable] body. I rolled my eyes throughout so much of the movie.

And the sex scene between she and Mila Kunis? Gratuitous. And silly.

Overall, the movie annoyed me.
The music annoyed me.
The weird neck-cocking and awkward, yet intense stares into the camera? Stop it.
The flapping of the bird-like wings all.the.time? Enough.
I truly could go on and on.

But this movie?

Blech. Two thumbs down.

Watch The King's Speech.



  1. THANK YOU for this review. I have been wanting to watch it and I will pass now based on your expert advice.

    Saw Pirates coming.

  2. I thought it was disturbing. Most of the scenes I had to hide my eyes because I was grossed out physically or psychologically. I just couldn't handle it. Throughout the movie (I watched it alone), I just kept saying "I hate this movie."

    My husband watched it the next night (I was sitting next to him, so I had to watch it twice). He said "I see why you hated it."


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