Lila Lunes: She turns 2 in less than a month.

I just can't believe it. I can't believe that little sassy lady up there is going to be turning two in less than a month.

The time has gone by so quickly. I'm uncomfortable with that.

Q. What's new with Lila?
A. Lila is talking so much more. Favorite phrases at this point:

  • "I go." as in, "I go to Aunt Trish's.' Or just "I go!!!" Lila hates to be stuck in the house. HATES it. She brings your her shoes and literally says, "Lila go! Lila go! Lila go!"
  • "Eye" "Luff" "Ewwwwwe" (I love you.) It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • "I wanna meat." Translation: "I want to eat." (That's my girl.)
Q. How does Lila feel about her baby sister?
A. Really? She adores her. She's her biggest cheerleader. When Vivienne does anything noteworthy (rolls over, smiles, jumps in the jumperoo, etc.) Lila exclaims, "Yayyyyy VIVI!" 

So cute.

Q. How does Lila feel about her Daddy?
A. Oh boy. Somebody adores her Daddy. She prefers him right now for everything. "I want Daddy. No. I want Daddy."

This makes somebody smile hugely. (It's cute, those two.)

Q. How's potty training going?
A. Pretty well, actually. She's definitely "trained" with some accidents. 

I highly recommend this little gem. It's a portable potty AND it sits on top of normal-sized toilets as a little seat. Lila uses this at the park (hidden in the trees... and it works perfectly. I highly suggest this thing. It's also perfect for the car. And it's $14 on amazon. (Thanks to my cousin for recommending!)

Let's move on to the pics.

Lila adores her washable markers.

When asked to smile, that's the face she makes.
(And the black marker under her nose? It's there because Lila likes to smell her non-smelling markers. That'll leave a mark.)

Coloring is a big deal here.

Wearing Daddy's hat.


This is literally the face she makes when she says, "eeeeeeYay!" (She doesn't just say, "Yay." She says, "eeeeYay".)

Lila and I enjoying the official popsicle of summer: otter pops.

She likes to trade.

And there she is: there's my baby.

Our little waitress. Muffins and desserts. That's my girl.

Yes. That's a taco in her hair. (Thank you, Shannon!)

My sweet cupcake.

Ugh. Can you see that face? "What Mommy?"

My girl.

Someone tried her first mini oreo cakester this week. Someone loved it.

Someone also became a big girl this week. The deal was, after she was potty trained, we'd buy her a kitchen set to replace the changing table that's in her room. So, out went the changing table and in went this. (Was this more for me or Lila? Hmmm... I'm not sure.)

No matter what, she loved it.

My favorite pictures of the week. Wearing, "Da Da's hat."

"Lila, smile!"

...and that's what I got.

Have a great week, everyone.



  1. This entire post made me smile hugely. :) I mean, this kid is just GREAT. I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE'S ALMOST TWO OMG.

    (Love her "looks.")

  2. Awe, she's getting so big! She reminds me so much of S last year.

    That travel potty is the best! We still use it sometimes if out somewhere with no potty (park, beach, etc.) It's great.

  3. cakester eater!

    i'm scared FOR you, she looks so grown up! love her giving you the stink eye. heh.

  4. her pics couldn't get any better! every last one is adorable and so precious.

    i want a taco hair tie....




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