Lila Lunes: 22 months and cute.

Oh Lila, you're almost two. Which means, I will soon stop spotlighting your every change on Lila Lunes. Until then, you're the world's to hear about. :)

This child, oh, this child.

Lila is awesome.

She's mastering potty training. She's talking CONSTANTLY. (Although, a lot of it is still gibberish. We think the two languages may be a bit confusing for her at this point. So we are patiently awaiting sentences.) She adores her sister. We were sitting on the couch today and she leaned over and kissed Vivienne.

Oh, I love that.

Because it's Mother's Day and because I'd like to just relax... let's dig in to the photos.

I love this face.

This is Lila.

Please note Lila's potty watch.
It's a toilet.
That plays music in random increments to remind her to use the potty.
She loves it. Does she go potty when she hears it? No. She dances.

Playing in the water.
I didn't make her wear that hat.

This is Lila.

And, so is this. I love that kid.

I love that look.
P.S. Washable markers are fantastic. Thank you, Crayola.

Lila's Easter Egg hunt at our friend's house!

Sweet girl.

Easter morning.

Enjoying an Easter cookie at Aunt Trish's.

Bubbles are the best thing that have ever happened to Lila.

It's just really difficult to get her not to eat them. (She also eats Johnsons & Johnson's nighttime lotion. I have no control.)

I'm sorry, but that's adorable.

Swimming at Aunt Trish's on Easter.

Swimming with cousin Chlo!

Lila got a bubble-machine for Easter. Best.Purchase.Ever.
(I swear she does wear clothes. We were potty training during these photos. And it's hot here.)

I'm so proud. My little blogger. Wearing her swimsuit.

And this is what Lila wore to Costco with her Daddy. A purse. Bracelets. A necklace. And a Yo Gabba Gabba thumb ring. And her new gold flip flops.

Honestly, this out fit was all.her.

Wearing Mommy's flip flops.

Lila and Petal. (We just ordered two more. I highly suggest buying multiples of whatever it is your child loves.)

Lila and her cousin Brody. (I love his t-shirt. It has a tie on it.)

I love them. (Brody is 16 months. Lila is 22 months.)

Lila wearing a hand-me-down from cousin, Bella!

I had requested that she smile.
She did that.

Wearing Mommy's shoes.

Wearing a dress from a friend of the family who visited China.

She LOVES the dress.

And, my favorite pictures.

Have a great week!



  1. She's gorgeous!

    The Costco outfit? I died. Love it!

  2. She is truly fabulous!!! Wonderful pictures!!!

  3. I love her. I'm not sure anything could get cuter than the Easter pig tails!

  4. Oh my, the Lila in Easter pigtails kills me. Cutest thing ever.

  5. In some of those photos it looked like her hair is getting lighter. Is it?

    She's a doll - I love her get up to go shopping.

  6. She is just too cute and EXPRESSIVE! I also think that you and C are giving her such an amazing gift of growing up bi-lingual. Incredible.

  7. I love how she crinkles her nose up like that. Reminds me of her momma. :)

  8. she is something else. cute, adorable, dashing. i enjoy all of her outfits :)


  9. These pics are wonderful! LOVE the red dress and the fact that she was pumping.


  10. She is adorable! I love the pictures.
    She's growing so fast.


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