I like it.

5/03/2011 04:08:00 AM

As it turns out, I like the NBC show The Voice.

I like Blake Shelton. He's funny.
Cee Lo Green makes me smile. I own his albums. (I love that we're using his last name now. Because I know a lot of Cee Lo's.)
Christina Aguilera, while goofy-looking, can sang.
Adam Levine, well. He's cute and I like Maroon Five.

Have you seen this show?

I find it to be entertaining.

I like that there are no treacherous auditions that serve only to make wanna be singers feel badly about themselves.

I like that the format is different.

I like that it involves music. And mentoring from the artist of the singer's choice.

I like that it allows for a wide variety of ages, genres and group combinations to try for a chance to go after their dreams.

I like that the "coaches" turn their chairs around when they're interested in a singer.

I quite like it.

(The winner receives a recording contract and $100,000.)

It's on today on 9 p.m. on NBC.

The only part I don't love? Carson Daly. But I can stomach him in small, non TRL-related, doses.



  1. I agree with all your likes!

    I wasn't sure about this show, mainly because I didn't understand the point of it based on the commercials. But we watched it and I really enjoyed it...like a lot!

    I agree, I am glad people of all ages, looks, everything can sing and surprise the judges....like the one guy Adam got with that great voice. Or how about the black guy with the afro with an awesome voice!! What a surprise he was as we couldn't see him at first. Love it!

    Cee Lo Green is AWESOME. He cracks me up and I think he is pretty great. And I was surprised at how Adam Levine was a bit dorky....I thought he would be a big tool bag!

    I will be watching this show regularly.

  2. I totally liked this show too! I just love good singing. :)

  3. My best friend told me that I MUST watch it because it would change my life. hahaha. I set it to TiVo. I will watch.

  4. Watched last night - LOVE! Adam Levine? YES! I had no idea that Blake Shelton was so...uh...well, a cocky hard ass.

    I also enjoy how much these girls WORSHIP Miss Aguerila. She really is super cool.


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