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5/11/2011 11:51:00 AM

I'm not sure if you've been following along with my friend's blog, A Couple More Hours, these days -- but she's been doing a mini-series (if you will) - regarding her journey to becoming a Mom.

Read it. You're not too late. She's written just two posts.

Here's To be called Mommy Part I.

Here's To be called Mommy Part II.

Part III will be posted tonight.


Now, I've got to be honest - oftentimes in the blog/book world, I'm a skimmer. I skim posts while I'm multi-tasking. These posts, though? Well, they've had my undivided attention and I've read [literally] every word of them.

What's great, too? Her husband guest-writes, as well.


Go now. Read. And tell Wendy she's awesome.

**NOTE: I asked Wendy if it was cool if I asked you all to check out her posts. She said absolutely.


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