EtsyLove: Just bought this.

5/27/2011 09:28:00 PM
I've been looking for a replacement "Momma" necklace that also includes Vivienne. (I've been wearing a Lila disk (that I ADORE) that I received from a good friend since before Lila was born.)

It was time to include Vivienne.

I'm soooo excited to get it.

See here.

Where you say, "Nate '02", it'll say, "Vivienne". On the heart, it will say, "Lila." Then the heart behind will have KBC -- my Monogram with Craig.

I'm quite pleased about this purchase. Yay Etsy.



  1. Love that....very cute! I really love the personalized jewelry on Etsy. We got one for our mom a year or so ago and it was so pretty!

  2. Hooray! I love personalized jewelry. I envy people that can work with metal - I'd love to try it someday!


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