20 Things Moms should Never Feel Guilty About.

5/11/2011 09:07:00 AM
Article on parenting.com. See here.

Hmmm.... thoughts on these?



  1. Hmm...I thought the comments regarding the husband are sad. But, I actually like my husband. I would never need to hide anything from him...if I needed a massage, he'd probably book it for me.

    ...and well competing with other moms is just silly. All kids are different.

  2. AGREED. I absolutely loathe it when I hear of wives keeping things from their husbands.

    Really? You're keeping your recent shopping purchases in your trunk?

    Perhaps this is because I have a fantastic husband. (Who did book me a massage and a pedicure last Saturday.)

  3. So... I'm not a mom, but...

    I am not down with the lying to/hating the husband stuff.

    If the hubby gets mad at you for getting a massage or your hair did, there's a bigger issue at hand.

    Mad at the husband, absolutely, but HATING him? Hmm...

  4. hmmmm. i ain't a mama -- yet -- but i don't think this article quite had the lighthearted vibe i *hope* they were going for. maybe they think those things shouldn't make you feel guilty, but some of them made me feel a bit depressed!

  5. I liked #2.

    Hated several of the others, like #3, #12, #13, #16, etc.

    There was a weird tone in some of those bullets that seem to have to do with some situation I don't have in my house.

  6. Really? That was worth publishing in a baby magazine? What a horrible article to advocate! I wont be reading that parenting magazine!

  7. I'm in total agreement with all of you on the hiding things from your husband. I just don't get it.

    And it made me smile about not feeling guilty about not writing things down in a baby book...um, because I've not done too good in that category! (I've used twitter as a dateline, assuming I might go back to look things up!)


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