Vivienne Viernes: 11 weeks

Vivienne is great. We'll be heading to her 3-month dr's appointment next week. (!!!) You know what 3 months means, don't you? It means I'm back to work soon. (Less on that now, more later. In another post.)

Q. What's new with Vivienne these days?
A. She's awake for longer stretches (about 1.5-2.5 hours at a time) and is enjoying sitting up more than she had previously. (She screamed. Now she smiles.) She's even KIND of started liking her bouncy seat. We also think that there's a chance that she might be cut from the thumb-sucking cloth.

Q. What's not so new with Vivi these days?
A. She still pretty much hates pacifiers. (UGH - there are times when it would be really great if she loved them).

She swam for the first time ever this week, too.

Q. How would I describe Vivi's personality at this point?
A. She's a breath of fresh air. A calm breeze. She's tranquil. She goes with the flow and likes to be cuddled and at this point, LOVES to smile. It's almost too much. She's great.

But don't get me wrong... she cries, too.

There it is! That's the lip I was waiting for.

Q. How are Vivienne and her big sister getting along?
A. Stil really well. This week Lila really enjoyed dressing Vivienne in build-a-bear clothes.

Poor Vivi.

Lila covered her up with a burp cloth. She's finally stopped covering up her face, too. Oy.

Here's Lila picking LINT (I'm not kidding) off of Vivi's toes. Um. Gross? (I swear we bathe her.)

Vivi thought it was great.

During "calm down time" before bed, Lila also likes to hold Vivi's hand. Vivienne allows it. They're cute.

Onward to the pics.

I find these to be adorable...


That was almost a giggle.

Belly time.


I love her hands in this one.

Just cookin' with mommy. (Yes, I know: "Bumbos aren't supposed to be on the counter." But seriously, she doesn't even hardly MOVE.)

Meet my very annoyed garden gnome.

Nope. I didn't take the hat off of her. I just kept on snapping pics. (I think I took about 15.)

I swear, this is my baby picture.

Ferg continues to be the most incredible dog with children EVER. (She's a Havanese and is AMAZING.) She is ALWAYS near the ladies. I find her affinity for the sweeties ridiculously endearing. I love her.

On the blanket I made her.

With her Daddy.

Dressed up for a nap in her swing.

Just cute.

I adore this face.

And my favorite pic of the week.

We're out.

Some videos...

Short one...



  1. I can't believe she's nearly 3 months already. I love her little smile. So cute!

  2. what a sweet face. beautiful ladies!

  3. She is so cute!! I love the pouty lip. You make pretty babies. I love that picture of the 2 of you. :-)

  4. She is absolutely beautiful. So peaceful. The pictures are amazing! I can see how you couldn't just pic a few to post!

  5. whoa - The Viv is certainly getting a little personality and look of her own (she does look an awful lot like you though!!). can't wait to see the little one in person (well, all 3 of the littles and two bigs)

  6. holy cute overload! such fun pics. i love seeing your little ladies... it's a kick to watch them grow through the ol' blog here. happy friday! :)

  7. I didn't want this post to end! so cute. so sweet. just perfect.

    miss you guys,

    sal :)

  8. She's an absolute doll. She looks so sweet and lovable and perfect!

  9. The garden gnome is just too precious.

  10. She is too cute!

    LOVE the pouty lip picture where she is upset!! That picture is a keeper

    And the two cuddling on the chair - yep, that is the best. I still remember snuggling with my little sister :)


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