Vivienne Kate: 9 weeks.

 "What is up? Bring it."

Since my last update, sweet Vivienne has gone to the doctor and has gained weight! She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. at birth and currently weighs a bit more than 11 lbs. :)


She's sleeping pretty well but still has a love/hate with her pacifier. (Mostly a hate.) (This is inconvenient for all of us since she's hasn't quite figured out a way to soothe herself yet.)And, she refuses to take ANY pacifier other than the Mam brand. Which I didn't even know existed had I not received them as a gift.

Her favorite things right now are smiling, eating, baths, taking walks and sleeping on her mommy and hanging out with Lila.

Her least favorite things right now are sitting up in her bouncy seat (screams) and having her face washed and being "baby worn." She hates slings and sometimes hates the bjorn. It's sort of annoying.

Truth be told, Vivienne's awesome. And tranquil. (Usually). And easy.
I'll write more next week, as I've got a cold and I'm tired. So, onward to the pics. Of course, there will be a million of them.

Hanging out on her playmat.

Being offered a pretzel from her sister while hanging out on her playmat. :)

Sweet Lila babysitting Sweet Vivi.

Vivienne Kate. Class of 2029.

AH. Be still my heart. I love that look.

Someone is an angel.

So happy in Daddy's arms. (This smirk belongs to her cousin, Brody. They resemble one another, if you ask me.)

CUTE socks.

Doing her day job.


Yes. Still smiling.

Sleeping in her sling.

This baby actually likes tummy time.


Craig, his ladies, a can of coke in an Ohio State can coozie and a mac laptop powercord. Welcome to our world.

Super-attentive Vivienne.

One of her many faces.

The cutest pajamas EVER from our friend E. here in Cabo. Yes, they have MINI CUPCAKES ON THEM.

Waking up.

Chillin' in the bumbo.

Hanging out on the playmat in her leisure suit.

(How miserable does Lila look?) Sisters.

I love her fingers.

My baby and I.

Ah, be still my heart AGAIN. Vivienne and her Daddy.

Love them.

And, the best picture of the week.

Happy weekend.



  1. Sooo cute! I just love the picture of her waking up and is so cute when babies do this! Your girls are beautiful!

  2. She is too sweet!! (Gavin and Blake would only take Mam brand pacifiers too!)

  3. As always, I love all your photos and your captions. They always make me laugh. She looks so attentive and ready to go.

    Don't give up on the pacifier! E HATED all of them forever. It was awful, then, one day, she gave in and took it without turning back.

  4. She looks so diferente!! And bonita of course!!! I love all the pictures, but the last one is my favorite too!

    (I'm sorry you have a cold!) XOXO

  5. Ky, I LOVE these posts!!! She's such a sweet heart!

  6. Both girls are so sweet, friend! And look at her sittin' in her bumbo like a champ!


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