Potty Training. Post #2.

4/28/2011 04:07:00 AM

It's been exactly one week and five days since we started this nightmare journey. (Dramatic much? Absolutely.)

Last Friday, my last day of maternity leave, I had a total, "Go-buy-some-pull-ups" breakdown. (But was I willing to use them? No.)  I had to call both of my sisters and share with them that I was losing it. Lila had THREE accidents within a 45-minute period and within a four-foot walk to the potty. One of those times she just stood there, started at me and peed like, "SEE???? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STRESS ME OUT."

Thankfully, Saturday was INCREDIBLE. She went in the potty FIVE times and had TWO accidents and one-maybe-accident. (I'm not sure. We were outside and she was playing with water... was it water? Was it the alternative? Was I willing to smell it to find out? No.) We even took Lila to our friends' house for an Easter Egg hunt and I was PARANOID she'd have an accident inside. She didn't. It was outside. In the grass. (Yessss....)

Sunday - a good day.

Monday - an ok day. Craig took her to beach and she didn't even have an accident there - you know, in the world's largest toilet. She waited until she got home, rinsed off her sandy feet and went in her potty chair. WAY TO GO LILA!

Tuesday - a so-so day.

Wednesday - only ONE accident all.day.long!


SO, we've BOUGHT the pull-ups but we haven't used 'em still. She's still doing naps and nighttime in big-girl underpants and for the most part she's successful. (We limit all liquids about 2 hours before bedtime.)

Thoughts on the process: She's definitely getting it. Sometimes she tells us she has to go. (She yells, "PEE PEE!!!!!!!" with such urgency that I have to laugh.) And most times she doesn't tell us - we just make her take a break at a logical time of the day: after lunch, before nap, etc. Does she fight it sometimes? Yes. Do we make her sit there sometimes for a few minutes? Yes.

My frame of mind: At this particular moment, "This just might work after all." The stress has lifted. We're over it. This is merely a process and we're getting through it. I'll be happy if he's trained before we fly in July. I think she will be. But we'll see.

Things I think you need when potty training:

1. The Baby Bjorn potty chair. Here's why I like it: It's simple. There are no hidden weird crooks and crevices  where anything can get caught, so I feel like it can really be cleaned well. About $24.00 on amazon.

2. The ultimate crib sheet. THESE ARE FANTASTIC. It's a waterproof cover that snaps over your child's crib sheet. When they have an accident in the middle of the night, you very, very simply in a half-awake stupor unsnap it and snap on a new one. You don't have to change the crib sheet. Buy at least two of these. They're $15+ all over the interweb. See here.

(That's not my child. Or my crib. But you can kind of see how it snaps and lays on TOP of your regular sheet.)

3. Muchkin disposable changing pads. We fold these up and place them in Lila's highchair. They work out perfectly for example, when she has an accident during lunch. (Um, that was her one accident yesterday.) $6.99 on drugstore.com.

I'm waiting on a couple of other products that I ordered on line - I let you know my review after I get 'em.

We're keeping truckin'. Go Lila.



  1. I'm glad it is getting a little easier.

    I ran out of diapers one day and I just decided I didn't want to buy anymore. I didn't stress about it, I just put Aubs on the potty every hour and she would go and she never had accidents at night. (She would never tell me. Never.) Then finally one day, she started telling me and it was cake after that! She was probably like 2 1/2 when she got it.

  2. Couldn't agree more, we use the Baby Bjorn potty seat too and it's the best! Good luck to Lila, she sounds like she is really getting the hang of it! We are still working on Abbey...I still rely on Pull Ups but she is getting there (carpet and pee do NOT mix, LOL). :)

  3. YAY! I am SO glad this is going better!

    And I think I am going to get a couple of those crib sheet things....added it to our list :)

  4. Hi! Found your site off Chicago Moms...I am kind of, sort of potty training. And I feel like a failure for saying that because I think I should be totally doing it for it to work. My twins are 26 months and love the potty, but have accidents when we put the under ware on. Honestly, it's such a process I've just been too lazy. But I'm encouraged by your post. Thank you :)


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