Online shoe shopping highs and lows. Welcome to my world.

4/26/2011 05:08:00 PM

I have been trying to find these shoes in my size for about 3 weeks now.

First, they had 'em on I weighed the purchase (as all good online shoppers do) and went back the next day to buy them and they were SOLD OUT.


I clicked-to-chat with a nordstrom's representative (of course I did) and she was of no assistance. "My computer shows that we have no intention of having them back in stock. I'm sorry."

HUH? "Intention?" Ok.

So I waited.

And checked back everyday.

(I had looked EVERYWHERE on the interweb and only found ONE pair in some boutique in Canada that I was not willing to deal with. And the TOMS website? They only have the shoe in a size 11. Fyi.)

So then, I finally decided to buy them in ORANGE off of another site - but alas - they disappeared in a day, too. (WHAT?)

I started thinking I might have to cave and buy other options.

THEN, last week they were available again on Nordstroms! (YAY!)

But wait, they were only available in a 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7.5 and an 11.



So guess what?

Today they were there.

And I bought them.


...and they all lived happily ever after.



  1. I'm happy for you and your shoes. How long do you generally have to wait for things you order?

  2. @Nadja - it depends.

    THESE shoes will be coming down with my friend Trophy Life who will be here on the 17th.

    Or, I import stuff down and wait 2-3 weeks and pay 15% of the cost of the items to bring it down. I just bought yet another stroller and sent it to the importer. Should be here next week.

    Pain in the butt, but worth it.

    I've learned to be patient.

  3. These shoes are cute and I love the idea/operation that is TOMS.


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