My current favorite dinner.

I'm on a spinach kick these days.

So, here's what I've been eating:

Mince a clove or two of garlic.

Add to a large pot. Throw in some olive oil.

Add in cherry tomatoes. (Whole or cut up. Whichever you prefer.)

Add in some shrimp. (I use frozen, because it's easier.)

(You're just WARMING up the shrimp.)

Next, add in an entire bag of washed, cleaned spinach. (It always looks like a lot, but it's hardly any.)


(Add salt & pepper as desired.)

Stir for as long as you need to so that your spinach is the soggy-ness you prefer. (Sorry, didn't know what other word to use.)

Serve over pasta or rice.


*Note: This meal takes approximately 7 minutes to make.



  1. MMmmmm - looks delicious!!! I just put the ingredients on my shopping list for today. :)

    Maybe "wilted" is the word to use?

  2. Looks YUM... and uber healthy. What's all this about not being able to cook?


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