Monokini, do I love you or hate you?

4/05/2011 09:42:00 PM
So, I'm at a loss with mono-kinis.

A.) The name is dumb.
B.) Just two years ago I would have thought these were terrible...
C.) But now I'm kind of like, "Well, that's cute."


(And yes, that's my body with some model's face photoshopped on it.)

How do you feel about monokinis?
Um. They're TERRIBLE.
Cute, but I'd never wear one.
FUN. Love them. I'd wear one.
Eh, whatever.
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  1. I think you have to have a very specific body type to wear one of those. A body type that I do not have but you do. Get one. Wear it. I'll stick with my retro marilyn monroe suits.

  2. I may not be the best person to comment as I am on an anti-swimsuit phase right now!! I am preparing for my vacation with my pregnancy swimsuit, that was the ONLY one I found that I liked and didn't cost $80+, and it is cute but lets just say it is a halter top and my ta-tas are OUT there and NOT supported. Between my casper-like appearance, big thighs, pregnant belly and floppy wont be pretty and could be dangerous for people I walk by!! So swimsuits are not my friend right now :)

    But for this suit, I think it looks cute on the right body type.

    I do think though you would have horrible tan lines and who wants that?! I mean if you are going to actually get yourself into a swimsuit and not be all covered up (like I would) then chances are you are looking to get a little sun. Who would want oddly shaped tan lines on their stomach? Now I know people may not be showing them off to anyone except maybe their special someone, but can I tell you for me....random tan lines on my body would drive me crazy!

    Also, it just doesn't seem like it would be comfortable to wear....almost like it is pulling in places that you would not want it to be pulling and exposing areas you normally want to hide. Maybe I am wrong, I have never tried one....but every time I see a real housewife throw one of these on, I think they look uncomfortable. Of course that may also be because they are wearing one two sizes too small and are not at an appropriate age to wear one!

    But like I said, I think I hate EVERY swimsuit right now because I am just being a brat!! :)

  3. They are kind cute but I do NOT have the body type to pull that off!

  4. I think they are ok, but sorta crosses to the skank side if the wrong person wore it. I mean, barf if someone who has love handles AND back boobs wears it. Oh boy.

  5. If I had the body of the chick in the picture...totally. I'm the girl at the beach with the t-shirt over her bathing suit. And yes, stupid name.

  6. I don't understand why you would wear this and not a bikini? They are obviously made for very thin people and are in no way a "one piece." I would guess they are considered fashionable and if you are the kind of person that buys 10 suits a year and needed a different kind of suit to add to the mix.


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