MexMo: So yeah, I got my portrait done.

On Friday C. and I were running errands. We had to make a quick stop at the mall, then we stopped at Walmart to buy some diapers for a baby shower I had to go to.

On the way in, we passed by an "artist's studio" that had this masterpiece airbrushed on a CARDBOARD box and strategically placed next to the door to [obviously] lure people in.



(Definitely click on the image to really appreciate this work of art.)

And yes, that's totally me. ON the box.


(Note: my hair was a bit out of control in this pic. IT's hot. I had just pulled it up. And there was no time to re-do it when I came across THIS gem. I was like, "Craig. Please. Take my picture now.")



  1. You are hilarious! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my bloggs! :-)

  2. BAHAHAHAHA! i want one! i'm not even kidding!

  3. Did C frame it this weekend?

  4. I think this is the "real" you. The artist nailed it.

    What finer way to display this than on a cardboard box?

  5. wow. I can see why you STOPPED RIGHT THERE! Man's ideal woman raht thur!

  6. girl - only you could make the inside of that cardboard box go from being worthy of a dumpster to being worthy of a gallery's prized pick!


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