MexMo: Grocery shopping

Oh, Mega. You slay me.

I complain about the selection because of examples like this.

An entire FREEZER full of Aunt Jemima waffles (left) and white (not even wheat!) English muffins (middle.) REALLY?

Awesome use of space.

Next, I needed to buy a gift bag for a baby shower. Look at this middle option.


Do I need to even mention that all the babies on the bags were white and this is Mexico? Probably not.

Still, this is the creepiest bag I've ever seen.*

*NOTE: This comment was construed as being racist. I'm shocked. I thought about if the comment even dignified a response, and I believe it does because I'm offended. Please see my comment in the "comments" section and/or below.

I hope this clears up any confusion. Any friends, family members or long-time readers of my blog see the ridiculousness in that bag... not me being racist.



  1. That's SO creepy!! It would be different if it were for a 1 year B-day party and it was a place to insert a photo of the actual child.. but this is just weird!

  2. weird! I wonder if the person having the baby shower will get 20 of the same creepy bag. No other options!

  3. I thought that racism was not in your vocabulary, wrong

  4. Anonymous - that statement was absolutely not racist.

    I don't believe you understand where I'm coming from.

    I am a white girl.

    I live in Mexico. I have never met a Mexican individual with as fair of skin as I have. EVER. It's a different genetic makeup; different DNA. Even the fairest-Mexicans are darker than I am. And, they're darker than that baby on that ridiculous bag.

    It's my opinion that if I were to take a white-baby bag to a Mexican friend's baby shower (or to a BRUNETTE white friend's baby shower) it would be... well, inappropriate.

    To me this bag epitomizes what is **wrong** with our world: that white is the best and that the lighter the skin, the more picture-esque looking the person, in this case, the baby is. And that's NOT the case.

    ALL babies should be on the bags - not just perfect looking little white ones with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    There aren't just white babies.
    There shouldn't be just WHITE BABY BAGS.

    I think you missed my point.

    And my other point? These baby bags shouldn't exist anyway. They're ridiculous. That's the funny part. Would you buy a baby bag with someone else's baby photographed on it?

    Oh boy. I'm offended, Anonymous.

    You missed my point.

  5. Anonymous, you are an anonymous idiot.

    Ky, those of us who know you and actually READ your blog (including my fellow non-anonymous commenters here) know that racism is, in fact, NOT "part of your vocabulary. (How very eloquently put, Anonymous. Not.)

    Love you, friend.

  6. I thought it was an "insert photo" bag as well. And racist? Really? Hmmmmm, nope didn't get that? And I've had a lot of racist comments come my way and this did NOT seem like a racist comment at all. I'm sorry that anonymous made such a rude comment. Hopefully it didn't ruin your day because you were filled with anger over Anony's ridiculousness.


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