Maybe it's his name...

4/13/2011 06:08:00 PM

I'm thinking that the parents of Slade from the Real Housewives of Orange County didn't do him any favors. Not only is his name a misspelling of "blade" or "glade" (as in air fresheners), but he's just... blech.

Gretchen's no prize either, but come on? Slade.


I tell you who is a prize, though. Bethenny's husband, Jason, as seen on Bethenny Ever After.

He seems pretty great.

(Yeah. I know. I watch these shows. I also eat handfulls of nestle tollhouse chocolate chips when no one's looking. I'm not perfect.)



  1. Oh seriously I don't know HOW he puts up with Bethenny.

    And Slade. Really? I thought it was HILARIOUS when G. told him to stop eating meals that make him fat.

  2. i couldn't have written the post better myself. i think Slade Blade Glade is an idiot. and i think Jason and Bethenny are awesome. i love her for some reason....

  3. I think Slade's last name is even worse - Smiley? Really? Slade Smiley? He makes me anything but smiley.

    Love Jason. He's a nice, happy fellow. Bethenny is welcome to be my friend anytime. She's funny.


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