Lila Lunes: You guys, she keeps on growing!

**Ignore any formatting or gramatical errors in this post. I'm tired.

Sweet Lila. She further morphed into a big girl this past week.

She moved from her crib (gasp) into her TODDLER bed. (Which is really just her crib with the one side removed and the railing attached.)

(Here she is demonstrating how she can get out and in super stealth-like. Impressed?)

She did surprisingly well with the transition. Her afternoon nap DID shorten a bit since she's not confined to the crib, but it's still 2 hours from approximately 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. Well, it was that way... before this weekend. (More on that later.)

At this time I'd like to take this time to promote VIDEO BABY MONITORS yet again. They're incredible. Lila is nearly 2-years-old (did I just type that?) and we still need to know what she's doing in her room without peeking into her door. Peace of mind, kids. Peace.of.mind. We bought another for Vivienne and I'm so glad we have one in both of their rooms.

Moving on.

Here she is posing atop her new bed. With Petal.

And here she is on night numero uno. With Ferg. (AND with the blanket I crocheted her before she was born. I love that she loves that blanket.)

My big girl.
She has even started sleeping on a pillow - with absolutely no encouragement from us.
Big girl bed? Pillow? Whoa.

When she wakes up, we watch her hop out of bed (on the video monitor), walk over to her basket with the blankets in it, grab one, then walk to the door. At this time she proceeds to knock, knock, knock to let us know she's awake.



"Hello? I'm awake! Please help me open this heavy door."

When we open the door she says, "Hiiiiiii!" :)


This past weekend - we've also given potty training a go. (EXHAUSTED.) We're trying a specific technique that I'll write more about later. (EXHAUSTED.) Let's just say, it's a frustrating process. Holy wow. And let's just say, I'm learning. I'll write more about it later... after all of us get our bearings. Right now, our house is a bit of a chaotic mess.

I'm typing this on Sunday night and Lila, who has been a TROOPER, was so exhausted tonight she all but asked to go to bed at 6:30 p.m. I'm serious. I was like, "Hey. I think it's bed time." She literall looked at me, stood up, walked into her room and said, "Night."

We'll see how the training continues tomorrow.

(Oh, and for the record: I've found myself seeing pee pee and poo poo. I'm serious. They're the only words Lila can say. Ugh. Yet another example of how you have an idea of how parenting is going to go, only to have it do a complete about face and be all, "See? I told you so." Ah, the gentle slap of irony.)


So Lila has these little cards from amazon. They have pictures of objects on them. This past week, she brought me this card.

Then she did the sign for "eat" repeatedly all the while saying, "PEASE! PEASE!"

I felt terrible.
I had no cake to offer her.

(So I gave her a snickers. KIDDING.)

So, she carried around the card for about 15 more minutes and kept saying, "PEASE!" and her attention was once-more diverted.

She's totally my kid. Cake at night is perfection.

Luckily she got some cake earlier in the week at a friend's birthday party. Whew.


Also, this past week Lila made us smile yet again.

She proceeded to bring me clippie after clippie from the ribbon hanging in her room. And requested that I put them in her hair.

I wish I could say that it ended with just these.

It absolutely did not.

(Note: I ADORE clippies by Fleur de LuLu. They're fantastic. Best ever. I'm addicted. And, she's having a sale of 20% off by using the code: SPRING2011. And no, no compensation for my glowing endorsement.)

I adore children in overalls. And converse. (Thank you for our inspiration, sister.)

Lila got a shopping cart this week and it came with some fake food boxes. She could NOT understand that the food wasn't real. She was trying to eat a plastic pineapple with a spoon earlier in the day and was FLAMING angry that the fake yogurt wouldn't open. Here she is attempting to eat rice.

And, here she is giving a yellow pepper her best shot with a spoon.

(She actually broke through and ate some.)

Swimming at Aunt T's.

She started playing with this teapot when she was like six months old. I cannot BELIEVE she is growing so quickly.

Lila loves to point out planes. There are a ton right now. (Spring break.)

I love this picture. She's holding cheese. She's delighted beyond words. That's my girl.

This is my big girl. Day one of potty training.

I have but one message this week:

Lila, STOP growing up. 

And, I love, love, love hearing her talk.

My favorite is when I ask her what an owl says, and in the smallest, tiniest, quietest voice she responds with, "Who who."


These moments.

These precious moments.






  1. Awe, I felt bad looking at the photos of her wanting cake. How funny though. That will SO be Evelyn. She's my foodie.

    I hope potty training is going well for you guys! Sorry it's so exhausting. :(

  2. You are inspiring me to start potty training my kids. They are both probably ready? but I feel so overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Any advice?

    Lila is so cute! Keira does the same thing with donuts. :-)

  3. Gosh! she is a KID! Seriously, I don't think there's any baby left in that face anymore :(

    The cake. So cute. (you need the microwave cake in a coffee mug recipe, I'll have to find it for you, er for Lila).

    I LOVE that you are starting to potty train. I'm hoping to start before J is 2 also. Sometimes I think when we wait too long they just get set in their ways and can be more stubborn. But that's just my "I've never had to do it before mindset." Keep on with the updates here. Actually, I've already bought a book for it - Toilet Training in less than a Day. I've had many moms tell me this is the best book, so it's what I'll try.

    I love the bed. I bet she feels like such a big girl, especially now that there's a baby in the house that sleeps in a crib!

  4. Please record her little voice imitating an owl.

  5. I cannot believe what a BIG GIRL she is now! She just looks so grown up. And sleeping in her big girl bed with her Ferg, that is too much!

  6. Sweet Lila, love this post! what a doll. i would also like to hear her imitation of an owl.



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