Lila Lunes: The theme for this week is talking.

It appears that my elder daughter (it's funny to say that about a 21-month-old baby) has had a vocabulary EXPLOSION the past couple of weeks.

We're hearing, "PEASE!" (Please) all the time.
We're working on, "Help please." For all of you with toddlers out there, I'd definitely teach 'em the sign for "help." I wish we would have started that one sooner...
Lila can't leave the room without saying, "Byeeeee."
Nor can she enter a room without greeting us with, "Hiiiii!"

She's also speaking more Spanish - "Aqui, Mommy!" ("Here, Mommy" [patting the ground where she wants me to sit].)
"Alli, Mommy!" ("There, Mommy.")

She also only drinks aqua. Not water. Please don't offer her water because SHE ONLY DRINKS AGUA.

"Lila do you want some water?"
"No. AGUA."

It's pretty great.

Lila's also climbing ALL over the place. I"ll walk into a room and she'll be sitting in a chair that I've never seen her sit in.

Or, better yet - she'll be standing on top of a chair, backwards yelling, "Hiii!!!"

Love her.

The big food this week is bananas. She eats approximately 2 a day. (Blech. I hate bananas.) 

(Yes. She's eating a banana below.)

She also hates sweet potatoes (WHAT? What happened?) and tried corn for the first time this week. (We're not big corn people.) She hated it. Still, she loves tortilla chips (I don't think I've ever even given her a tortilla chip - believe it or not) and she adores yogurt. She even chose YOGURT over a CHOCOLATE SNACK PACK this past week. 

(I don't know where she comes from, this little alien.)

All in all - Lila is far too much fun. She's go, go, GO! and I love that about her.

Ok, on to the pictures...

Hanging out in her boppy, the handiest pillow ever.

And sitting in one of her old carseats. Look at those legs!

Love that grin.

I love those piggies.

"I refuse to smile, Mommy. So don't even try."

"Ok, well I might smile. But I won't look at you."

"Ohmygoodness, I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD TO SMILE."

"...and I love my bunny."

This past week Lila's been wearing swim diapers on her arms.
She's confused. Swim diapers are indeed not swimmies/flotation devices.

This is her outfit selection, too.

Somebody likes Lola Bunny a lot.
Lila put her shorts and shoes on Lola.

(I love this one.)

How great are these shoes? AH. I love them.

Pigtails. She's growing up.

Playing in her tent.


Somebody loves her sister!

Oh, be still my heart.

This makes me smile because Lila is a very forceful kisser. :)

This is Lila acting like a squirrel. (That's totally my kid.)

Lila's been awesome with being a big sister. Awesome.
Here she is reading to Vivienne.

"Hang on, I forgot something."

"Let's read this book, instead."

Love this kid.

Lila got her second-ever fat lip this past weekend. However, this one bled. A lot. Boo. I hate blood. She was totally awesome about it, though. (Thank God Aunt T. had a birthday and Aunt B. had cake - Lila was quelled with cake.)

...and now my favorite pics of the week:

Lila, minutes after waking up.

She pats her bed and says, "Aqui!" In other words, "Please put Vivi here."

Here she is tickling her.

Love that look.

So happy to have her sister in there. (Vivi's smiling, too.)

Moments later, NOT amused.

STOP it already.

Ugh. I love being her mom.




  1. Are those leg warmers on Vivi?

  2. Ah, where do I begin...

    I feel as if I'm reading my blog from a year ago. It makes me tear up.

    1) I LOVE that photo of Lila eating a banana while balancing between the couch and ottoman. Sophia STILL does that all the time. I guess she's not as odd as I think if other kids do that too.

    2) The shoes, amazing!

    3) LOVE her tiered dress. Love it! Sophia said Lila looks like a "real princess!"

    4) ...and the last set of photos is priceless! So the attitude of an (almost) 2 year old little girl.

  3. These are great Ky. Putting Lila next to Vivi. . . wow. . . she looks so big! Love the pic of she and Craig as well as the deep penetrating look into her bunny.

    So. very. cool.

  4. All of a sudden, Lila looks like a "kid" to me. No more baby. Though I'm sure you've had that feeling several times already. Something about that first "just woke up" picture makes her look so grown up!

    She's a doll.

  5. She is ADORABLE. I'm jealous of her pretty long curly hair. Keira's hair is stick straight and whispy so I had to give her a bob.

    These pictures are so cute! I wish we lived nearby b/c I'm sure Lila and Keira would have a blast together. :-)

  6. Such a pretty little girl with amazing style!

    I love the pic of her sprawled out on the couch and ottoman! Hilarious!

  7. Serious cuteness and the green and yellow dress is amazing! Lovethe girls in bed, sooooo sweet!

  8. She's looking so big! And just keeps getting cuter. I really like the non-smiling photos!

  9. I agree, she looks like such a big girl! So grown up :)

    I adore her personality! So fun and so much attitude....what a great age. And love the picture of her on the couch and ottoman - AWESOME!

  10. You know how when you tell someone they have a cute kid because it's the polite thing to do? I'm being honest here, she is so pretty. I mean really pretty!


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