Firefox has gone nutso.

4/02/2011 02:17:00 PM
Ugh. I'm finally being forced to use google chrome.

Firefox won't let me print to a PDF EVER... and now it's showing some emails within my yahoo mail as Arabic.

Yes, arabic.

I am in fact not proficient in arabic...

So, off I go to chrome.

Which browser do you regularly use? Do you love it? Why or why not? Do you not care?

15,000 points to anyone who still uses Netscape or Internet Explorer because I think that's funny.



  1. I use Chrome and love it. It's a lot faster.

  2. I LOVE Chrome - it's incredibly fast compared to IE8 or Firefox. I think you'll like it! I'd say 98% of the website I visit work with Chrome...tho there's a few stragglers that I'm forced to use IE8 with.

  3. Sassytimes and Josey - I'm just not feeling it. I've had Chrome for quite some time and I sort of hate it. (I'm sorry if my google-working cousin is reading this.)

    It's SOOO slow for me. But then again, the problem could be my ridiculously slow TELMEX internet connection. (CARLOS SLIM it's your fault.)

    I digress.

    I'm not a huge fan. :(

  4. yey!!!! I won 15,000 points.

  5. your google working cousin DID read this! I would have to blame telmex because I promise even if i didn't work at the goog i would still use chrome. did you know that if you have a gmail account (ahem, maybe you should consider that), you can access your chrome bookmarks on any browser? that's pretty sweet.

    another super cool chrome feature: chrome's app store (just google it). My most used app is "Firesale". If you're on a product page (say, on barnes & noble), and that same product is for sale cheaper on a different site (say, Amazon) a notice will come up at the top of your browser telling you as much. you never pay more then you need to this way. SWEET.


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