Finally I can sleep.

4/27/2011 04:08:00 AM

My question has been answered.

(Where were we without the google? I'll tell you where: at the library.)

Stop putting tomatoes in the fridge.

I never know which fruits and vegetables to put in the fridge.
I absolutely put my mandarins and my apples in there because in my opinion there's no better way to eat them than freezing cold.

But tomatoes? They've confounded me.

Conventional wisdom says: put 'em in the fridge. They'll stay fresher longer.

But apparently, this is a misconception. Check out this website, or see below.

"Tomatoes really shouldn't be stored in the fridge - if they're fresh, they'll last for up to a week in the fruit bowl, and they shouldn't be kept any longer than that. The tart taste of tomatoes is due to a chemical called Linolenic Acid converting to Z-3-Hexenel, and this reaction is disrupted by cold. If you must store tomatoes, bring them out of the fridge for at least an hour before eating to let them warm to room temperature. Tomatoes are disadvantaged to begin with, since they are picked long before they are ripe, when they are still green all over, and then ripened in large ripening rooms using ethylene gas. Even vine ripened tomatoes are treated in this manner."
And there you have it.



  1. This is funny, because yesterday I decided I was no longer going to put my tomatoes in the fridge. They taste so much better when I don't. I've thought and thought about this recently, too.


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