Ferg Friday: Best.Dog.Ever.

My dog is wonderful.

I can't even believe that she's going to be four in June.

She is sweet and cuddly. And she smiles.

She follows us around all day long and when I leave the room and a little lady remains, she remains with them.

Never once has she snapped at Lila, Vivienne... or anyone, for that matter.

And she just knows when she's needed.

The past week Lila was having a rough day.

So at nap time, Ferg was there for her, listened to her read, let Lila cover her up and slept with her.

I adore her.



  1. She is seriously the cutest dog I have ever seen next to my late Daisy. Daisy was very Ferg-like. :)

  2. whoa. i really do adore that dog (second only to my pug, Marlie). i cannot wait to see her soon.

  3. This may be the best Ferg Friday ever!

    What a great dog, and seeing her napping with her Lila...ADORABLE!

  4. touching my heart :)

  5. sweet sweet Ferg! she is the best. i love her smile and the picture of her napping with Lila....



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