Vivienne Viernes: Five weeks. And counting.

3/04/2011 05:08:00 AM

My little Vivienne Kate is growing up right before my very eyes.

I told Craig yesterday that she's no longer a newborn... she looks like a baby. [heavy sigh] This only means that soon enough she'll become a toddler, then a big girl... then she'll be driving. How does time move so slowly yet so quickly?

Q. How is miss Vivi Kate? 
A. Um. Low-key. This child is low-maintenance and low-stress. She's so chill.

Q. How's her personality?
A. Well, it may be too early to judge, but let's just say she's not at all like Lila. I feel as if I should have named her Mellow Yellow.

Q. How's the sleeping/eating/crying/living thing going?
A. Vivi only cries when she's a.) hungry, b.) needs to be changed, c.) needs to be held or d.) when she needs to be burped. Aside from that, she's cool.

She either has amazing nights (SIX HOURS one night! Omg.) or less than stellar nights and will sometimes only sleep 2 hrs. at a time. During the day she eats every 3 hours. (I wake her up during the day to eat and NEVER wake her up to eat at night. Well, unless my up-top feels like it's going to burst.)

Q. Speaking of bursting, how's the breastfeeding going?
A. Thankfully, really well. I think my body remembers that it was just doing this not too long ago. It's amazing how much more I try to do with this second baby. I can successfully breastfeed Vivienne whilst standing in the kitchen and preparing Lila's dinner. There's got to be some sort of Olympics for nursing Moms.

Q. What size clothing is Vivi wearing?
A. My little Vivi-kins wore newborn stuff for a hot second (three, maybe four weeks?) and has now settled nicely into 0-3 months clothing. And, they're snug around her middle.

Vivi's built like me.

Q. How's Vivienne's interaction with Ferg?
A. Ferg feels it's her job to a.) sleep in the boppy and b.) alert us as to when Vivienne is crying. She does both exceptionally well and is considered to be a valuable part of our team.

Q. How's Vivienne's interaction with Lila?
A. It AMAZES me that Vivienne sleeps through Lila's loudness and vice versa. One of my biggest worries before having Lila was that one would wake up the other. Believe it or not, it hasn't happened. But, I'm also a believer in sound machines and not quieting down for a new baby. Our house is loud. Adjustment for the newbie is necessary.

Ok, onward to the pics because I'm tired AND because my hour-o-blogging that my husband is helping to facilitate will be ending in 14 short minutes.

**Note: The pics might not be all that exciting... here's the thing: she sleeps. A lot.

Ah... look at those cute peepers.

I had just unwrapped her and she was pretending to be a pencil. Um. Hilarious.

Another time... I got a sleepy smile...

And just as fast as the smile appeared, it was replaced with this.
(She's definitely from my family: mood swings. Sorry, C.)

Open eyes!

All wrapped up in a GREAT blanket from Aunt Bai.

Chillin'. (I love sleep sacks.)

Precious baby.

 She was sleeping with her hand straight out...

Cute profile.

The hand.

Another sleeping smile! Love it.

...and then it was gone.

Eyes wide open. (They're still a grey color...)

My precious baby.

I swear I have the cutest husband in the world.

Hating tummy time. (She's red. But dressed well.)

And my favorite pics... Lila is chatting with Vivi... and I think Vivi is smiling.

More kisses.

That's all for now folks...


Oh! Here's a quick movie of Vivienne. She's not exactly entertaining yet (give her time), but still - she's cute.



  1. is there still time to change her name to Mellow Yellow? there must be a full-refund time frame on the first name, right?

    anyway - the pics of her smiling in her sleep are ridiculously cute - as is the video. little cutie pie, that one.

  2. Your girls are so beautiful!!

  3. Loving the "peepers" pic. Ky, she is absolutely adorable. I so enjoy the way Lila is loving her. . . best friends from the start. It just doesn't get better than that.

  4. Seriously is there a cuter baby out there, I think not...what a doll! Love those sleepy smiles!

  5. Awwww, I LOVED the video! She's precious. Just precious.

  6. Good LORD she's precious. She just looks like a calm, mellow-yellow baby. :)

  7. My goodness is she a doll! Your whole family is gorgeous, congrats Mama.

  8. Love all the pics. My favorite is her little pinky finger held away from her hand. Such a lady. ;)

  9. i love all the pictures. LOVE. don't worry that they're all of her sleeping, take MORE.

  10. love the vivi update! thanks for all the cute pics and commentary -- she's definitely a keeper! (as if there way ANY doubt about that...) :)

  11. I go through the pics and I think "Oh that is my favorite" and then I see the next one and think the same thing! She is just SO adorable and the pics of her and Lila melt my heart. What a little cutie :)

  12. That Lila is so so precious and Vivi is starting to resemble her! Love the pics and LOVE the sleep smile :)



  13. This post could almost be mine. Our lives are very parallel right now.


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