Vivienne Viernes: Almost two months old.

3/18/2011 03:03:00 PM
I'll wait.

Go ahead, gasp again.

Yes, you read it correctly - my sweet Vivi Kate is nearly two months old.

She's cute. And fun. And a cuddler...

I'm not clear on how much she weighs, but I'm guessing around 9.5 lbs. (I take her back to the doctor sometime next week, I believe.)

The nursing is going well and well, I'm in love. Vivienne is tranquil. And sweet. And she sort of hates pacifiers. (Which can be frustrating for everyone in the house.) She has a nice set of lungs.

She's sleeping about 6 hours at night, but is having issues with napping. Ah well, it'll come with time.

Alright then, what better way to show why I'm in love with sweet Vivienne than through the sharing of a TON of pictures?

So, here we go.

Vivia had her first bottle this week. I figured it was time. You know, since I have to go back to work in (gasp) 4 weeks. :( She did well.

She also applied to be a U.S. citizen and requested her U.S. passport.

And.. she **smiled** for the first time! (I hope you saw the video here.)

Vivi also wore a cute outfit.

Then another cute outfit.

The she fell asleep.

And then fell asleep again.
I dressed Vivienne like a boy this week and we just happened to go to the mall that day. "Oh, how old is HE?" "He's cute." Yep, the earrings didn't tip 'em off. Note to self: dress her in pink when we go in public.

Vivi hung out with the girls.

(Please note the one piece of hair that is at the top of her head. It doesn't lie down. I love it.)

 Vivi also was allowed to play with the phone thanks to her sister's help.

We tried out the bumbo this week, too. (Ferg actually stood that stuffed animal up next to her. I'm not even kidding.)

She didn't like it.

 She bathed.

Washed her hair.

And lounged.

And just looked PRECIOUS.

Next, she slept some more.

I love those hands.

And she swung. (Or "swang" if you're from the South.)

Then, we had our very own photoshoot at home.

You found it to be boring. So you kept yawning.

Then yelling.

My precious baby.

Ah, I can't stand.

Life is far too precious.



  1. She has the most beautiful complexion. I am always struck by her big eyes and lips. How do you refrain from smooching her all day long? What a doll!

  2. She looks so pensive in that last photo! Love it! I loved all of these photos - keep 'em coming!

  3. Oh, Ky. She is so beautiful. Absolutely precious. Love the hair band and the close ups. Her skin, as I've said before, is perfection.

  4. With nearly every picture (especially the arms-crossed-in-the-bath shot) I was gasping, "She looks JUST like KYLEE." It's true. I have always seen flickers of you in Lila (particularly her ornery expressions), but Vivi really looks like you, Ky. FUN.

    I cannot believe how truly gorgeous your girls are. But then, I totally can. :)

    LOVE that headband. Broughton Gals = Fashion Plates.

  5. She DOES have the most beautiful skin. LOVE the yawn photo - just too cute.

  6. She is just beautiful! I love her big flower band, so cute!

  7. She is absolutely beautiful. That photo shoot was unbelievably cute. I think I spotted a few "senior picture" shots in there!


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