3/01/2011 05:08:00 AM
As it turns out, I'm too tired to blog. (I blame this on my ladies.)

So, I'll leave you with this:

Yesterday I vacuumed. I find vacuuming to be therapeutic:

The constant hummmm drowns out peripheral noise.

The sole obligation of the vacuum is to ingest dirt and filth and leave a blank, clean and clear canvas in its wake.

Love that.

Freshly vacuumed rugs are new beginnings.



  1. 100 percent agree! a guy friend was recently telling me that his wife was weirdly obsessed with vacuuming. i stopped him right there and told him it was not weird at all b/c it's probably therapeutic for her....b/c it is, indeed!


  2. I cannot say I am a fan of vacuuming. The only time I enjoy vacuuming is from the excitement of rearranging a room. Otherwise, I approach vacuuming as I approach dusting: no need to move stuff, only the visible things need to be cleaned off. It is one of those chores that I approach, generally, with disdain and laziness.

  3. How do your ladies react to vacuuming? Mine go CRAZYINSANETERRIFIED!!!!!

  4. @nadja - my ladies, from the time they are in utero, are accustomed to the vacuum cleaner. :) It's in their blood. Lila LOVES it. (Laughs each time I do it and sings). Vivienne hasn't really even figure it out yet.


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