Things I would have done differently: Parenting version

3/17/2011 05:08:00 AM

The hairdryer 

I would have introduced the hairdryer a LOT sooner. I tried it out on Lila last week. She's 20 months old. (Hey! We live in a warm climate. Blow drying is about as necessary as heated seats in your car.)

Anywho, she CLUNG to Craig the minute I turned the blow dryer on. It was as if I had a gun pointed at her head.

(Can't blame her. It does look like an air-blowing gun.)

She SCREAMED, too.

So yeah, I would have introduced the hairdryer sooner.


The temperature of food.

When Lila was little we quickly did away with the whole, "warm-the-bottle" thing. Why? Because really? Who wants to heat up EVERY bottle? What if you just can't? So, she usually had room-temperature milk in her bottle (or sometimes cold milk. gasp!).

Next, when it came time to eat real food - we were just as lazy proactive. Enter: lots of cold finger foods: carrots, pasta, sweet potatoes, cheese, etc.

Now, when Lila eats anything that is even REMOTELY above room temperature, she immediately ejects the food piece from her tongue and proceeds to blow on it profusely.

And it ain't even hot.


So yeah, introduce the hairdryer sooner than later and vary the temperature of food that you give your kid.



  1. So true.

    I would have made Kaylee sleep in her own bed from the day she got her "big girl" toddler bed. I also would have said (after Kaylee put her fingers in her mouth once she found them) "Aw, how cute!" And then immediately had her take them out. She still sucks her finger and she's 5 1/2.


  2. Interesting. . . I still haven't used a blow-dryer with Chanelle. . now I'm a bit nervous.

    (We also did the room temp/sometimes cold bottles) You know, sometimes you're just surviving.

  3. NOTED!! :)

    (You are the 3rd person I have heard say that room temperature bottles are easier and perfectly fine to use. In fact my cousin said that her daughter preferred room temp over warm and drank it better. Good to know!)

  4. Little B seemed to like his bottles cold more than warm or even room temp.

    When we heat food for him we had to be careful it was cool enough, if we didn't he would say hot and not eat that food at all. He has gotten better and will go back to that food now, but he didn't before.

  5. I read this the other day and couldn't stop thinking about the hair dryer thing. Joss has seen me dry my hair, but she typically darts away from me...just far enough that she can still see me, but not too close!

    So tonight, after her bath, I sat her on my bathroom counter, turned the hair dryer on low and dried her hair. (In all of 14 seconds, it seemed). After just a bit, she was cool with it, and even laughed.

    Phew...thanks for the info. I'll have to dry her hair regularly from now on, as I'm sure she'll get my thick nastiness and I'll want to by drying it next winter!

  6. ah yes, I give my kids a variety of food temperatures. And drinks too. Because sometimes you just can't get hot food, etc.

    Not to worry, those girls will surely come around to hair products, curling irons, hair dryers and the like. They are girls. You will soon have requests for EXACTLY how they need their hair styled. :)


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