Every Monday morning I wake up with a headache because I cry for exactly one hour on Sunday night. Why? Because I'm watching Lifetime's Coming home about soldiers returning from their tours of duty, from the throes of war...

...and into the arms of their families.

It's too much.

On December 19th, 2003 - my brother came home. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I take that sibling-love that I have for my brother, add in my love for my husband and the love that I have for my babies and well, this show is just too much to bear.

I feel for the moms who lose their sons.
The fathers who lose their daughters.
The siblings who lose their best friends.

The theme throughout the show is sacrifice.

Each time I see a soldier come home to his/her family,  I remember watching that door open... and seeing my brother walk toward my family.

I was so proud. So overcome with emotion. And so happily hidden behind my camera.

I'm forever grateful for the men and women who take a leave from their daily lives to work, fight and serve to ensure my freedoms.

Those people like my brother.

They miss births...
They miss birthday parties...
They miss graduations...
They miss weddings...
They miss their lives so that we can have ours.

So, watch this show with a grateful heart and take a few quiet moments afterward to remember those who serve...

And also those who bravely gave their lives.

...and if you can get through this show with a dry eye... well, I'll be surprised.



  1. I am with you, I have nothing but respect for these men and women and their families. God bless them all! What a great post!

  2. What a great post!

    I've never watched this show, but your post had me crying.

  3. I watch this too! Sobbing most of the show. I am so thankful for your brothers sacrifice!

  4. I'm crying over here too. That show would break my heart. I can't believe you went through that with your brother. It's an unbelievable sacrifice.

  5. Oh no, I could not watch that show. I would cry at the opening credits. It's like Makeover: Home Edition x 1000.

    Incredibly selfless sacrifice these people (and their families) make.

  6. The commercial for the show makes me cry. . . not sure I could handle an actually episode.

    What a great post, Ky. A big thank you to your brother.

  7. I cry during the commercials too. There aren't words to express how grateful I am that we have so many brave men and women in this country doing the unthinkable so that we can have freedom - too often) take for granted.

    A big thanks to your brother & all his fellow soldiers!

  8. I agree with Sassytimes, haven't seen the show, but your post was enough to bring the tears.

    Your brother Bryan is so amazing and admirable. Hugs to him.



  9. P.S. Can't believe how light your hair is in that pic!


  10. And today, with the typical serendipity of being a Pacholski, we have the absolute honor of congratulating our second brother, Mathew AGE 36 of joining the US Army and heading to RANGER SCHOOL. Mathew you make Daniel, and your sisters and brothers proud, and you are MORE THAN ANYONE IN OUR FAMILY proving that every day can be a new beginning.

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  12. I watched this once. It was too much. Do you watch Army Wives? As an ex-Army wife, it's just too much. I know how hard deployments are on families and relationships. It takes a strong couple to survive it and you are never unscathed.

  13. Amazing. It is easy to forget when we get caught up in our daily lives of the men and women over there fighting for us. What a great reminder and what a fantastic show.

  14. Love this post!

    This day was the happiest day EVER for me as well! Jeremy and I got married 2 days before he left for this deployment and this was the day I got my husband back!


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