Please vote. Which Vera Bag?

3/23/2011 04:45:00 PM
Which one do you like better? There's a sale starting tomorrow (see here) and well, I'm going to get me one of these gigantic you-now-have-two-kids bags.

Choice #1 - Folkloric (love.)  See close up of fabric here.

Choice #2 - Lemon Parfait (also like.) See close up of fabric here.

Please feel free to comment as to why you feel whichever way.

NOTE: I have a purse in folkloric and my fear is that I'll look too matchy/matchy if I get the same thing... Thoughts?

Which fabric should I buy?
#1 - Folkloric
#2 - Lemon Parfait

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  1. I just got a folkloric piece, and I ADORE it. It's just the little "trip kit" but I like it. that got my vote.

    (BUT, I do think Lemon parfait is nice too)

  2. I'm typically partial to green, but I LOVE the pattern of the folkloric. Those side pockets will be GREAT for two kiddos!

  3. Lemon Parfait. I just voted and it is neck-n-neck. 7 to 7.

  4. i like both patterns a lot, but am VERY paranoid about the matchy-matchy issue (at least in my own life). thus, my vote for lemon parfait. :)

  5. I like both two. If it were me, I would get the lemon. I am also more partial to those colors. I don't think you can go wrote with either choice.

  6. Both are REALLY cute but I just loooove the Lemon Parfait one! I think either would be a great choice :)

  7. so....did i "break the rules" by matching my Vera messenger bag with my Vera tote???? LOL.

    i voted in the other post for Viva la Vera. :)


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