The "P" words.

3/10/2011 05:08:00 AM
There are two words that begin with the letter "p" that I prefer not to use.

The first, in my humble opinion, is a rather derogatory reference to female genitalia and is also another name for animals of the feline persuasion.

The second refers to bowel movements.

The first I shan't write on my blog. Ever.

The second is the word, "poop."

I hate it.
I just don't like to hear it or say it.
However, having two little ones means that it's inevitable that it's used.

So, during one of our many discussions regarding how exactly we want to parent, this has come up. Well, sort of.

It seems that C. and I need to get on board with what we want to call the "p" word when Lila starts to use the potty.

I don't like poop, or "ca-ca". Nor do I feel that "dump" is appropriate for a little lady. (I laughed as I typed that.)

So, we're thinking about using a word that for some reason, she already knows.



I can see it/hear it now:

"Lila, do you have to bomb?"

(I'm still laughing.)


However, after further consideration, and even though we think it's funny, we're not sure given today's political climate that we should encourage our child to yell, "Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!" in a public place when she has to go to the bathroom.

(Tee hee.)

But it would be funny...



  1. I'm laughing, too. Out loud.

    I agree. . . the word poop is just not pretty. However, it is a word that is used no less then 34 times a day in our home.

    Big sigh. What can we do?

  2. When Ben and I were little - we said "BM." Apparently my mom hated the P word too.

  3. I just BLASTED laughter at my desk. Oh yes I did.

    We were big fans of #1 and #2. We were NEVER allowed to say pee, piss, wiz. Good Lord, it was potty, or toity, or use the restroom. I always wondered why adults need to specify when they are going to the restroom...just say you are going the restoom! We don't care if you have to "pee."

    I still never say that. I'm not a priss by anymeans and fart jokes make me laugh, but telling someone about my #1 is a no-no.

  4. How about calling it 'bears'. Honey, do you have to make 'bears'?

    See how cute that sounds!?

  5. You know what my wonderful husband taught my sweet little daughters? They say "I need to go blow it up" when they're heading to the bathroom. We're just FULL OF CLASS aren't we?! I hope to all hope that they don't say that in SCHOOL!

  6. HAHA!

    I agree with word #1...don't like that word.

    However, I actually enjoy the word Poop! I know, it probably isn't lady like of me but the word cracks me up and sounds so funny!! We probably talk about #2's way too much in our house. :)

    I like "drop a deuce" and want to teach my kids that :) Yeah, I know.

  7. Dubs and I call it "droppin heat"

  8. Hilarious!

    "Nor do I feel that "dump" is appropriate for a little lady" ... I could hear you laughing at this and that made me laugh.

    The word ca-ca (giggle) should never be used. Ever. Why do we need this word?

    I like Iris' approach - #1 or #2. That's all you need to say.

    (I once told Amber about the online dictionary guy saying "poop" and she just busted that out in honor of this post. Ahhh, memories!)

  9. This is hilarious!

    You could call it #2...teach potty training and numbers all at the same time. ;)

    Surprisingly, the 'word' doesn't get used much in our house. S just says 'potty', regardless of what she actually has to do in there.

  10. Funny. I hate it too so we say, "Oh man!" Gooner, did you go Oh Man? Yah. It's great.


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