My Favorite Canadians.

NOTE: You might be wondering: "Hey - isn't the title of this post possibly derogatory or offensive?" No, it's not. Here's why: because it's written in total seriousness and because when you're from Canada, you're a Canadian. When you're from Mexico, you're a Mexican. When you're from the U.S. of A., you're an American. So there. Not derogatory.

Next up: "My Favorite Mexicans." At this point, Vivienne and Lila top out the list. Then comes Shakira, of course. NOTE: AH! I totally knew that Shakira was Columbian. I forgot. Thank you to the Anonymous poster who reminded me! Thank you!

Now, if I were writing, "My least favorite Canadians" or "My least favorite Americans" -- that would be offensive.

Let's move on.

Who: Candice Olson

What she's known for: Her presence as the reigning HGTV design queen. (Design on a Dime.)

Why I like her: I **adore** Candice Olson because she's just talented. She's incredible and I'd gladly turn over every room in my house for her to design. That said, her new show, Candice tells all, is another winner.

Quick note: that woman looks better than she's EVER looked. I'm not accusing her of plastic surgery, but I'm just saying - she looks great. (Am I alone here?) Wow.

Who: Sarah Richardson

What she's known for: The show, "Sarah's House" on HGTV. Another designer.

Why I like her: You know, I'm not certain why I like her. I don't often favor her design choices, but I just like her personality. And her assistant.

Who: Michael Bublé

What he's known for: In my house, he's known as the guy who sings, "I just haven't met you yet."

Why I like him: A.) He's funny. Please tell me you've seen his Hamm & Buble sketch with Jon Hamm on SNL. (Watch it here if you're not in Mexico. UGH.)  B.) I like his voice. C.) He sings covers, sure - but he also writes his own music. D.) He has a friendly smile

Finally, let's play, "Did you know that she/he is Canadian?"

Keanu Reeves. Well, he was born in Beiruit (what?) but maintains Canadian citizenship.

Caroline Rhea. (From The Biggest Loser and her more famous role as Aunt Hilda on that one show with the girl from Clarissa Explains it All.)

Also? Jim Carrey, Howie Mandel, Evangeline Lily, Kim Cattrall, Michael Cera, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Reynolds, Sarah Chalke & William Shatner.

And there you have it.

NOTE: YES! Bryan Adams! Thank you, rachel_dee for reminding me! I was just listening to his Unplugged album (yes, I was) in my car!



  1. LOVE Michael Buble....he's dreamy!

  2. Love Candice Olsen...I would totally let her design my house too!

  3. I think Ryan Reynolds is my favorite Canadian. Hilarious and super cute.

    I like your picks too... and I totally think Candice has had a bit of work done. That can't all be the hair, can it? I wish I could AFFORD to have her design my house. She ain't cheap.

  4. I love Candice Olsen as well.

    What about Bryan Adams? (Am I alone here). I LOVE him!

  5. Sarah's house is awesome! Are there new episodes?

  6. shakira is not mexican is colombian

  7. Yes I was looking at Candice Olsen's picture forever! She does look better than ever. Hmmmmmm....

  8. I LOVE Michael Buble! He is fantastic.


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