MexMo: Lost in translation.

We live in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood. In other words, I believe we are the only white-people (love that term) around...

Our neighbors always speak English to us, which I love and appreciate.

The other day I saw my childless male neighbor at Costco. He hadn't seen me since I gave birth. I was wearing Vivienne in the bjorn.

After he was finished checking out at the register, he came up to me and we had this conversation:

Him: May I see your baby?

Me: Of course! Her name is Vivienne.

Him: [after a brief pause as if he were contemplating his next statement...]

She's cute.

Me: Thanks! I hope you don't hear her crying too much these days...

(because our sliding doors are open and you know... sound travels.)

Him: She cries a lot? Maybe she's cold.


I smiled.

Ok? Really? It's 80 degrees here right now. But ok.

Maybe she's cold.

Fair enough.


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