MexMo: A drive & Mega

Thought you might want to see a regular 'ole Los Cabos street.

With regular 'ole cars. (I love this purple beetle.)

And, regular 'ole ice cream carts. (How fantastic is this? Who leads their ice cream cart with a bicycle anymore when you can use a moped? Sometimes you need to get that ice cream to the people fast.)

And... in Mega, our grocery store, it appears that Halloween is just around the corner. I'm not kidding. These costumes are actually for sale at Mega right now.


It's March.

And still at Mega? A terrible cake selection. You look at it, and you're like... "That's not too bad." Then you look closer and realize it's the same several cakes/brownies repeated over and over again: chocolate, yellow, brownies, white, pineapple upside down, repeat.

And, it appears that the royal wedding is even a big deal here. I mean, check out the cover of HOLA.

And that's all for now.


  1. The ice cream cart made me laugh!

    I wish they sold Halloween costumes here all year 'round. They are great for dress up! ...and it would stop the crazy ladies from buying multiple carts full after Halloween, marking them up 100% and selling them on Ebay to make a buck.

  2. This post has SO many levels of awesome in it!

    Love the ice cream cart and love how they try to fool the average consumer into thinking there is a huge selection of cake....yeah, it is not going to work on you Ky!

  3. I think I could be happy there.

    Seriously. . .that ice cream cart? That's all I'd need. ;)

  4. I approve of the Halloween costumes being out so early!

  5. Ha, love the cultural updates! Pineapple upside down creeps me out anyway.


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