MexMo: Are you CRAZY?

3/05/2011 05:08:00 AM

I adore Soft Scrub.

I know that these days it ain't too popular to like bleach-based cleaners, but I can't help it - it's in my DNA. To me, bleach means clean.

Up until now, I've had to smuggle Soft Scrub into the country. (I literally buy bottles of it and bring it back to MX in my luggage. Yep. It's that important to me.)

So... you can imagine my shock and surprise when I saw that Walmart in Cabo carries it!

Only $115.00 pesos. Translation: $9.51 per bottle.


I find this to be the Mexican version of highway robbery.

I just couldn't do it.

I couldn't buy it.

(But, I do have two smuggled bottles of soft scrub under my sink right now. So I don't necessarily need it at this moment.)

When they're gone though, I can't promise I won't allow myself to be robbed*.


*Let's be honest, by the time I run out of soft scrub and need more there won't be any in all of the Baja. That's the way we roll down here. Buy it when you see it or else



  1. Holy smokes! That is crazy.

    It always makes me laugh when I see pictures you take in stores and we see the prices on the Walmart stickers because I forget about the exchange rate!

    I too love bleach and use it way more than I probably should. But I love that smell and knowing stuff is CLEAN.

  2. I am a HUGE bleach fan too. I love the smell, there is nothing that makes me thing clean like the smell of bleach.

    Add it to softscrub, and I think you've got the most perfect cleaning product ever.!

  3. My husband says I would buy bleach perfume if they made it! lol I would totally spend any amount of money to have all of my household bleach products!

  4. p.s. i think there already is a "Mexican version of highway robbery"'s actual highway robbery. usually involving guns.


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