Lila Lunes: 21 months old today.

3/21/2011 05:08:00 AM
Oh, that Lila.

Living with Lila is truly a sitcom. My favorite things are:

  • Accessories. Lila's world includes many-an-accessory. On any given day she's worn at least 3 different hats, 3 different hair clippies and 2 pairs of shoes. On Friday night she was wearing swim diapers on her arms as swimmies. (WHERE does she get this from.)
  • She loves technology. She stole my mouse and mousepad off the table and was manically "mousing" on the ground as quickly as possible before I took it away from her.

  • She shares. Lila shares everything with her sister: juice, pretzels, clothes, hats, blankets. We're just teaching her to not cover her face. Or her entire body.
  • The spanish. Lila refuses to say, "yes." But, she says, "si." "Lila, do you like your new jeans?!" She responds with, "SI!"  Or, if you ask, "Lila, can I take a picture of you in your new jeans so that I can send it to Mimi?," she just SCREAMS. (Thanks, Lila.)
  • Everything must be COZY. If Lila's sitting down to rest, you can guarantee she's got a blanket covering her and Petal the bunny in her lap. However, she so seldom sits still...

  • Tomatoes and raspberries and ketchup are her favorite things to eat this week.

  • Lila STILL cries when her hair is washed. Still. This part of the bathing routine continues to both frustrate her and anger her. (This is not one of my favorite things.)
  • The mimicing. Whatever I say - she says. "Oh no!" "CHEESE!" "Hot!" "Uh-oh!" - you name it. Mental note: "Watch your words, Kylee."
And my absolute favorite thing? She KNOWS she's funny. This child knows she's funny.

And, here are the pics.

Teething. Teething makes Lila (and us) miserable.

Bows, on the other hand, make her downright gleeful. 

Here she is moving back and forth with her arms in the "cradle' sign. She wants us to know that she would like to hold Vivienne. Now, please.

Coloring is BIG here. Here she is using BOTH hands.

Now just the left.

And back to the right. (She usually uses her right.)

Fine scribbles.

You might think that she just got back form bicycling... but you'd be wrong. She just woke up from a nap.

She walked around outside with her helmet on for a few minutes, then got right down to business on her computer. In front of the fridge.

I LOVE this picture.

Look at them staring at one another.

Vivi looks totally comfortable with this.


Ah, the sweet smell of a dying basil plant...

Ferg is such a trooper. Believe it or not, she's being smothered hugged.

I decided to let Lila play with soil and water again. I don't know why I do this. It is SUCH a pain to clean up. But she LOVES it. She puts it in one container, then in another, then back to the other. Then she mixes it up... and paints with it with foam brushes...

(I love this look.)

It was all fun and games until she picked up this pitcher...

...and spilled it all over herself and the rug.

She nearly lost her mind and photo-taking was immediately halted as I had to help her. Stat.

Later in the day just hanging out. Eating shredded beef on the patio... (??? Weirdo.)

My baby's growing up.

That's all for now.



  1. I LOVE that photo of gleeful Lila with the big bow. She looks so sassy. ;)

    And you two look very much alike in the last photo.

  2. She looks like so much fun! What a doll!

  3. The more I read about Lila, the more I am convinced that she would be an absolute HOOT to be around. She will be one of those children that can walk into a room of adults and entertain them, genuinely make the adults laugh, from how outgoing and precocious she is.

    That little girl will be an entertainer some day.

  4. You are so lucky she likes hair bows!

    These pictures are SO cute. She is such a cutie-pie!

  5. that photo of lila sassing with her hair bows confirmed a long-held suspicion -- that girl is YOURS. no doubt about it. and it's awesome. :)

  6. loved all the good pics, friend! C. is BEAMING in the one with the girls. your girl is such a little busy body (she gets that honest, no?)

  7. Little Lila, you are so sweet! Love all these pics.



  8. I adore the pics of C with the girls. Ahhh. . . the girls. How much do you love that?

    This was beautiful, Ky. . . such a gift for your girls.

  9. Oh Lila!

    I just adore all her expressions. That child has SO many and they are SO great! She seriously cracks me up in these pictures!!


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