Lila Lunes: 20 months...still.

Oh, Lila.
Every day is a new adventure in highs and lows and no's.

It's true, you are either REALLY.HAPPY or DEEPLY.UPSET. Luckily, though - your mood can easily be manipulated solely by one outside factor: Ferg.

You can be crying and throwing a semi-tantrum and all we have to do is ask, "Where's Ferg?". You immediately point to her or hug her and say, "FEEERRRRGGGGG."


Ferg = tranquilty, peace and momentary silence.

She's our ace in the hole.


(How cute are you loving on your baby doll?)

This past week you lost your very first Petal (your bunny). We were walking in the double-stroller and I was struggling going up a very steep street and you pitched her overboard at some point. Your Dad went to look for her AND we called a friend whose house we passed to see if we lost her near there... but it was all to no avail. Alas, she's gone.

We've learned two lessons from this: you've now figured out how to unlatch Petal from her NoThrow so Petal no longer accompanies us on our journeys and we've learned the importance of procuring 7 Petals.


Another fun thing we learned this week? You love cherry tomatoes. I mean love them. You sit in your highchair and point to the tomatoes and nearly rub a whole hole in your shirt.

You're also really big into cheese. Still.


These days, much of your time is spent loving on your sister. You like to take care of her.

First, you make sure to turn on her bouncy seat. (Music and everything.)

Next, you kiss her...

Then, you make the cradle sign to let us know that you want to hold her.

Then, you get her blanket and cover her up.

Making sure you do it juuust right.

And then, of course, you give Vivienne her pacifier.

You also really love to color from your perch. (Your highchair.)

You must color every day.

...and you still love the beach...

Ah, yes. You've learned how to open the fridge, too. This past week you got some of Ferg's food out of the fridge, ran outside with her following you... and sat in the groundcover (???). Odd.

I can't always explain your behavior.

Speaking of explaining your behavior, this one made me smile, too. After your bath, you requested that I help you put on your bike helmet.

So I did, of course.

Then you let me know that you wanted to watch a little bit of Wonder Pets.

So you sat and chilled with Petal for 20 minutes before bed.

I love you, Lila. :)

Other pics I have to share...

I was trying to get you to smile. Apparently you don't prefer to do so with your eyes open.

Trying on Mommy's shoes.

What? Are you 14? Why do you look so annoyed with me in this picture?

Reading to Vivi. 

Talking to Vivi.

Generously offering your sippy cup to Vivi. She declined.

Giving Vivi her pacifier.

Tickling Vivi.

Vivi reached for your hand... you took that as an invitation and held Vivi's hand. (Heart melting.)

Ah, I can't stand it. Sisters.

So... you got some new chapstick.
I thought it was pink.
As it turns out...'s blue.

"How do I look Mommy?"

Pretty. Lila.

VERY pretty.

And, my two favorite pictures from the past two weeks...

My baby's growing up.

Until next time,


  1. She's just a beautiful little girl. I think I'd love to play with her :)

  2. oh, wow, those pics illustrate the life of a little girl. and i think she looks soooo much older next to tiny Viv. she is a real keeper!

  3. I LOVE the first picture!! I need to come back to your house to play with Lila! She is indeed growing up, she looks like a little girl now... She is going to start talking very soon! That, amiga, you are going to LOVE! Can't wait! Xoxo

  4. She's a beauty! Transforming into quite the little lady. Never get sick of reading about her personality. She's allright in my book :)

  5. I love that first photo! Also, the fact that the doggie makes everything better. :) Curiously, that works in my house too, when I'm crabby and wining, the dog knows how to fix it. Haha!

  6. What a sweetheart she is! These photos really show how much she's grown. I love the helmet photos...I think I may have almost an exact same photo of S. She used to love her bike helmet too. So funny.

  7. She sure is growing up. She is stunning. I love the jean skirt and I loved V's red dress.

    Big sigh. . . sisters.

  8. She is just growing up so fast!

    This is so fantastic to see :)

    (the helmet photo CRACKED me up!)

  9. Oh, sweet and precious it is to see the sisters together. How I miss the days of my two, little girls (now 12 and 15) being so sweet together.

    I know you're cherishing every.single.minute. And I'm so happy for you to be experiencing such love and joy through the (beautiful) eyes of your little girls!! :)


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