"Let's gather around the computer and stroll through memory lane, shall we?" RIGHT.

It just occurred to me that I miss good 'ole fashioned photo albums. You know, the ones that you find when you visit your parents' house...

I remember pouring over the 8 or so that my Grandma kept in a couple of drawers in her living room. 'Twas one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

As much as I **adore** the digital photography world, I fear that I'm not really doing anything to archive these trillions of photos that I'm taking on a daily basis.

At this point, I have photos on two computers, backed up on two external hard drives and on various photo storage websites. (Dotphoto and Flickr)...

Still, I'm not comfortable.

I just can't imagine that in 15 years I'm going to want to find my old macbook pro from 2007 so that the ladies and I can gather around it to look back through memories.


So, I'm wondering if I need to start actually printing off photos and placing them IN photo albums.


What do you do?



  1. I bought an album for our 2009 trip out West. Sydney and I worked on it together. I didn't want our photos to be saved online or on my computer for the rest of our lives. This was a fun way to get the job done. I haven't done this with all of the photos I've taken, but at least I have these. I put the album in our living room, so people can leaf through it when they visit.

  2. I go through every 6 months or so and print out my favorites (which is a lot!) Although my kids love looking through them, at their baby pictures, etc. So my albums are looking a little ratty. And I've labeled all the pictures (I buy the albums that you can write to the side). I'm trying to wait for deals.... like right now snapfish is offering a deal on 100 photos for $5 (includes shipping).

  3. like you, i sit around and worry about not printing out photos and then don't get around to doing it. i too need to actually print photos out and put them in albums. it would make me feel better (and i don't even have kids yet!).

  4. I make photo books every year (one for each girl) through MyPublisher.

  5. I also make photo books. You can get so many more pictures on one page. Because face it, we take oodles of pics of our kids. Nicholas loves looking through his photo books and I get reminded of how much he's changed. It is a great stroll down memory lane. I have used dotphoto, snapfish, cvs and MyPublisher. I like MP b/c I don't have to upload photos to a specific site. It uses them straight from my computer.

  6. I <3 My Publisher - best photo site I've found by far. Amazing photo paper quality, and if you wait for their (VERY OFTEN) sales, great bang for your buck!

  7. make an iphoto book! they turn out very professional looking and are super easy to make. we made a few for our wedding and a few women I work with have started making 1 for each year of their kids' lives.

  8. I am totally on the photo book train. You can layout your pages how you want and things turn out AWESOME!!

    I have used My Publisher and SnapFish--Snapfish because of it's feature that more than one person can add to the album (which mi Hermana y hermanos do every year for my Mom)

    The quailty from book is excellet, you won't be dissappointed--and these pictures do not fade!

  9. My family members have started giving each other small photo books as gifts, which I love. I have everything I need, so these books of memories are perfect.

    I'm making one for Joe right now, actually!

    Another nice idea is to choose your favorites and send your files to www.togetherbook.com. 20 cents per print, + $30 for the binding and they're uber cute. Choose linen or silk covers. They do stamping, too. I would stamp with a date.

  10. Amiga, I TOTALLY agree with you. That is why I not only use photo albums, I actually do scrapbooks. You know? With fun stickers and taping stupid things like the tag of the first swimsuit Nico ever used? Yeah.. I'm that kind of freak. I can't help it, I'm a memory collector. So every couple of months, I go through my beloved digital pics, choose (VERY HARD PART) some and go to Costco and printed. Then, I put the date on the back (as my mom did with all our pics) and put them either in Nico's scrapbook if it's his event (aka birthday, field trip, etc) OR in the regular photo album.

    I know... there are more important things to do like saving the Amazon, but I convince myself that at least, I'm saving my recuerdos and more importantly, my hijo's recuerdos.


    Ps. When the world comes to an end, and electricity and systems come down. You and I will have actual pictures to take and save with us. (that's what I tell Luis everytime he laughs at me for being an "old fasion photo keeper")

  11. I love a traditional photo book. I have made books for my sister, mom and dad....still need to make one for T & I.

    It is funny because today we have all our pictures on the computer and miss photo albums, but I have been taking my parents old photo albums and trying to scan them to the computer to save the pictures digitally (which is a HUGE process) because they want them available on the computer.

    I like having both, even if the books are only a fraction of our pictures!

  12. We print the good shots every month (or so) and put them in albums. Deciding what's 'good' or not is hard.

  13. Ah! Thanks, everyone! I started creating an online photobook last night. FUN!


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