Just a few faves on Piperlime...

3/08/2011 05:08:00 AM
Juicy Couture Gilded Flower Drape Necklace. Um. Awesome.
Only $148.00. The ladies don't need diapers... I'll take two. Buy here.

Ya Los Angeles Asymmetrical Tank.
Love this. $29.00 Buy here.

Indigo by Clarks. (Yep, I'm looking for comfort.)
$100 and cute. Buy here.



  1. I'll take one of each of those, please.

  2. I LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! OK... and the necklace... but Nico needs to be fed ha!

  3. LOVE the shoes! might not be so flattering on....ahem, a more hefty ankle... but definitely worth trying out! :)

    and if you like the necklace, you should seriously check out the line of jewelry i just started selling -- www.stelladot.com/abbe

    their stuff is super cute, fashionable, and affordable. i'm in love with it all! (and could totally see you rocking the casablanca bib necklace!)

  4. ps -- forgive my shameless self promotion, but seriously.... the stuff is c-u-t-e.



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