Ferg Friday: Haircut

The Ferginator hadn't gotten a haircut in quite some time.

I actually took her in to get her hair cut right before I had Vivienne (January-ish) and they (the haircutting people at the dog place) refused to cut it because, and I quote in English, "It's too cold. She'll be too cold. We will just trim it."

I was so pregnant that I was like, "Ok. Whatever. Fine. Just make her look better."

(I refuse to be one of those, "I have to brush my dog's hair everyday" people. I'd rather be blogging. Sorry Ferg.)

So, this time I was like, "CUT HER HAIR."

They did!

Here's Señorita Fergie Lupita's mane of beauty before:

(Um. She's smiling.)

Look at those cute pearly whites.

...and after.

Um. She's a puppy again.


This is a better cut for her right now because a.) it makes her look youthful and we all want that, b.) it's getting hotter here and who wants to wear a fur coat in 80-degree weather ? and c.) far too much shrapnel sticks to long-haired-Ferg as she runs through the backyard chasing the feral cats who live in our backyard. This cut makes her more streamlined. Less drag.

(Yep. She chases cats up trees but won't scare a bird out of our house.)



  1. I love the Ferg updates! She DOES look a lot younger. I wish that haircut trick worked for me. ;)

  2. that pose! she's so proud. love her!


  3. can someone PLEASE find me a tube of dog lipstick (if it exists) so that i can put it on her bottom lip. i mean it.


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