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3/03/2011 05:08:00 AM
I spend a lot of time with my blackberry. So, not only do I know exactly what is going on with Charlie Sheen (yep, I follow him on twitter), but I also can pretty much give you a rundown of all world news at any time of the day or night.

(When I'm breastfeeding Vivienne, I read the news on my blackberry or read on my kindle.)

So yeah, the other night there were a couple of headlines that made me cringe.

Exhibit A:


This is no shocker. And, it backs up my predisposition to carry an antibacterial wipe into the grocery store and clean the cart prior to subjecting my sweetie pie to fecal mater.

Article here

Exhibit B:


Look out single ladies.

Article here.


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  1. I do that while nursing Zofia too. Twitter and news all night long.


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