Carnation instant HAPPINESS.

I understand that these things are "meal replacements" - it's just that I drink that one packet so fast and really would love to have a second one.

But does that mean I can't eat until DINNER?

(tee hee.)

And then the other bummer? I'm hungry like 2 hours after I drink one.

AH! The unjustness of it all!



  1. The problem, for me, with drinks like those is that I want them in addition to a meal. It's like chocolate milk in a can, right?


    Oh, well that's no fun then.

  2. I am with Ellius, I want those AND a meal. And I would justify it but saying that I am getting 2x the calcium and protein and then a good meal. Seems reasonable to me!

  3. I have always given these to my kids since they don't eat much breakfast. My son (4yo) is the size of a 6yo and he doesn't eat much. So I'm going to have to go with the fact that these drinks are packed with super nutrients. :)

  4. Yep, those are just a tasty beverage to go ALONG with your meal, not replace it. The only thing that can replace a meal is another meal, know what I mean?


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