AH! There are TWO MORE NEW FABRIC CHOICES. Need your help. Again.

3/24/2011 11:43:00 AM
There were new fabrics introduced today. This threw a wrench into my ordering plan. I need more help.

(See the new fabrics here.)

I'm sort of leaning toward Option #3: Viva la Vera. (Probably for the Spanish-sounding name.) OR Option #2: Lemon Parfait. (So fun.)


Option #1: Folkloric

Option #2: Lemon Parfait

Option #3: Viva la Vera

Option #4: English Meadow


Which fabric should I buy?
#1 - Folkloric
#2 - Lemon Parfait
#3 - Viva la Vera
#4 - English Meadow

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