Yes. We have a double stroller.

It's true. We have a double-stroller. We're already owners of a Bob Revolution and I **ADORE** it. It's perfect for our lifestyle and most importantly for our crazy environment and for running/jogging. I ♥ it. BIG time.

The double-Bob Revolution is FANTASTIC. I took it out for my first by-myself-spin on Monday and it was so easy to push. I mean I just had a c-section and it had a 24 lb. toddler on one side and an 8-lb. newborn in a heavy car seat on the other side. Kids, I was pushing it with one hand. If was being super-fancy, I could have pushed it with my pinky.

It's true.

Ah, my new reality.

Lila on one side... (Making her monkey face.)

Vivienne on the other side...



  1. This just makes me smile for so many reasons!!

  2. Those are fantastic strolllers! Very nice :)

  3. Except strollers only has 2 "l"s, not 3 so...


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