What every aunt wants for their niece.

2/15/2011 03:23:00 PM

My niece Chloe has resumed the writing of her blog: What's on Clo's Mind.

Oh, she's fantastic. And, she's a self-described "fashionista." (I can vouch for that.)

See, this is what she says on her blog:
Clo is a decade-something girl living in Los Cabos Mexico. A gymnast, straight A student (sometimes), fashionista and TV enthusiast. Clo loves to share her unique perspective with the world everyday...sometimes in two languages!
Read it and support the next generation of bloggers here.

(More about Chloe here and her infamous ChloMo's here.)



  1. Awww... I miss so much being part of her life... Her imagination always blew me away! I'm a follower since YA.

    (so glad you inspire her... so precious)


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