Vivienne Viernes: She's 25 days old.

2/18/2011 05:08:00 AM

Ah yes, welcome to the first-ever, "Vivienne Viernes." (Viernes is, "Friday" in Español. It's pronounced, "Vee-air-naise".)

I shall try to make this a regular event. Perhaps a Lila Lunes ("Lila Monday") every other week and a "Vivienne Viernes" ever other week. Or, who knows... 

Q. How is Vivienne?
A. She's FANTASTIC. Cute as a bug in a rug.

(Sleeping on her Mimi below.)

Q. Is she still looking like Lila?
A. Absolutely. And, absolutely not. There are definitely some similarities, but she's her own woman. The peeps are saying that Lila looks like Craig and that Vivi looks like me. Time will tell, won't it? Her eyes are still SUPER dark slate-blue and her skin tone is a bit darker than Lila's. And, she's got great eyebrows.

Q. How did Vivienne's first pediatrician appointment go?
A. I was so proud. Vivienne now weighs 8 lbs. 12 oz. (She's gained 1 lb and 11 oz. since her birth. Um, YAY BREASTMILK!) She's grown an inch, too. Cool. Her clogged tear duct has improved impeccably. (Um, yay breastmilk again.)

So many firsts... here's a pic of her after her first bath.

Q. How is Miss Vivienne, as a baby?
A. Snuggly. And sweet. She loves to cuddle (um, she is not her sister). She's semi-ok with swaddling and she's just now starting to figure out the difference between night and day. (Sort of.) She's pretty laid back and only SCREAMS (she doesn't cry) when she's in need of a diaper changing, milk or additional cuddling. My kind of baby.

Q. What is my favorite thing about Vivienne right now?
A. Ohmygosh I love it that she snuggles so close and so often. I adore it. And, those baby sounds? Those super-quiet coos? BE.STILL.MY.HEART.

Q. How is Ferg getting along with Vivi Kate?
A. Are you even remotely surprised that Ferg loves Vivienne? I'm not either.

Here's Ferg babysitting.

And here's Ferg nearly sitting on Vivi.

All in all, everything is great here. I don't want to curse myself by writing this - but the last two nights I got four-hours-in-a-row-of-consecutive-sleep and then, get this: FIVE-HOURS-IN-A-ROW-OF-CONSECUTIVE-SLEEP. (I know, right?!)

I'm really loving this whole mommy of two thing. It feels right.

Ok, on to the pics.

We went to the beach for the first time with the ladies a couple of days ago. Can you find Vivienne?

The ladies' feet. Um. Cute.

Lila adores Vivienne. The kisses and hugs are constant. She's in awe.

She's a doll.

I'm sorry but I adore newborn hands.

Vivienne's first day wearing jeggings from her Aunt Bai.

A close-up of said jeggings. 


Look at that cute little stress-free baby. She's very content with her arms and legs wide open.


Sleeping in a burrito.

Omg. I love that nose.

Vivienne Kate became a legal Mexican citizen on Thursday. Here she is getting her finger stamped with her Aunt T. at the Civil Registro.

(I'm pretty confident that she slept through the whole process.)

Here's us.
Me and my sweet baby girl the day she became a legal Mexican citizen.

That's it for now.
More later.



  1. OMB Ky! How insanely cute. And you are looking fabuloso!

  2. Your girls are beautiful!!!! The one of Vivi sleeping with her Daddy, the jawline, that perfect baby profile, wow!!! I agree with Snappy Tulip you are looking fabulous!!!

  3. You look fantastic!!!! I'll say it a million times, she is a little doll! I am so glad everyone is doing well! We miss you all!

  4. Yay for happy, sleepy, cuddly babies! I'm so happy this adjustment has gone so well for you.

    ...and you look amazing!

  5. love the update, love the photos, love you. glad to know how everything's going.

  6. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E to see you guys yesterday and finally hold Vivi. I love the pics, you look incredible and Lila is a rockstar! You are truly blessed, te quiero!

  7. I love her sweet little face! And my goodness you look fantastic!

  8. Oh I love this update! She is just so tiny and so precious! I smiled through this entire post. What a doll!

    P.S. You look amazing!

  9. Great post, had to look at pictures twice! TOO CUTE! Shes a doll, and you look amazing!

  10. i don't know which pic is my favorite - either #1 or #3 in this post or the picture of jeggings! looooved them all.

    she's a real cutie. a keeper, if i do say so myself.

  11. Thank you for phonetically spelling Viernes.

    Vivi is super cute - it is crazy that the big feet in the pic are Lila's!

    You look incredible. HOW.DO.YOU.DO.IT?

  12. She is incredibly beautiful, Ky. I love her very distinct features and especially her skin tone. Be still MY heart. . . perfection!

  13. She is too sweet! And, BTW, I can't BELIEVE you just had a baby. You look great!

  14. these pictures are so beautiful! i love the little burrito.

    and you look fantastic :)

  15. How are you looking so insanely FABULOUS when your baby is still so itty bitty? Secrets? She's so cute!


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