Vivienne & Lila meet. Aka: A whole lot of cuteness.

2/04/2011 05:08:00 AM
So we came home from the hospital late Tuesday night (the 25th) and the next morning (the 26th) Lila and Vivienne met.

It was precious.

Lila thought her sister was fantastic.

Here's the movie. (It's wobbly because I was trying to tape, move around AND watch the meeting in real-life. Also, ignore the "text edit here" part toward the end... I'm too tired to edit and re-upload.)

Here are the [boat load of] pictures.

I think this one is probably my favorite.

She's tickling her.

And wrapping up her new baby.

Tickling her sister again.

Lila's first time holding her sister.

Giving her a kiss...

Next a hug.


Patting her and shushing her...

A slight hug.

And the next day there was more holding. And snuggling.

Lila didn't want to let go of Vivi. "No! Don't take her away yet!"

She was talking to her.

Pointing out Vivienne's lips.

I love Lila's arm around Vivienne.

Those are my daughters.

More chatting. Lila's talking. Vivi's listening.

I love Vivienne's face in this one.

Look at how cute. I can't get over Vivi's little body. (And yes, Lila is still talking.)

My babies.

Heavy sigh.



  1. Yay I am the first to comment.
    This is adorable. It brought tears. Lila seems like a great big sister. And Vivi will have to get use to all the talking I think. Lila will have lots of words of wisdom to share through the years. Enjoy your two girls.

  2. oh, man. THAT was a boat load of cuteness. i loved all those pics and the video was awesome. lila talking (and still talking) and wrapping her baby and tickling - too much.

  3. From Athena:
    "Can I go see Bivienne?"
    "I like Lila's baby. I need one."
    "More movies."

    From me:
    I second the "More movies" motion.
    Lila's arm around her is my favorite.
    I can't believe we have multiple ladies.

  4. This is maybe the best thing ever. I ADORE the last series of pictures where it looks as though Lila is explaining the whole of life to Vivi, and Vivi's going, "Eh? Really?"

    LOVE. :)

  5. Aww! Too cute for words, it brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet big sister! I love the sweet little faces Lila makes, and Vivi looks so content in her sisters arms

  6. Wow, wow, wow. What a precious set of photos! I melted at the one under the phrase, "those are my daughters". The way Lila is looking at doesn't get any more cute than that.

    The talking makes me laugh. S was/is the same way. She's always talking to E about everything and anything. E eats it up. Sisters are so precious.

  7. That was so sweet! They are going to have so much fun together!

  8. Oh Kylee, this just makes me smile SO much! I love seeing her reaction and her interaction with her baby sister. Lila looks SO grown up next to her sister and the talking pictures just melt my heart! How wonderful!!

  9. Oh my cuteness. I've got tears welling up in my eyes.

    How great. How adorable. HOW CRAZY! You've got TWO perfect little girls.

    I'm so happy for you.

  10. oh, the cuteness. i love Lila movies.

    the one where she says, "no! don't take her away yet!"? that one's my favorite favorite.

  11. Adorable. Sweet. Precious. Lovely. Cute. And then some! I can't stand it!

    I agree with SassyTimes, the line "those are my daughters" made me tear up.

    Could Lila be any funnier? Nope.

  12. This post was just as cute as I thought it would be! I love how Lila is talking to Vivienne!

  13. These are absolutely priceless. WOW! I, too, love the last series of pictures. Lila looks so comfortable and confident in her role. I am so excited to watch these girls grow together, Ky!

  14. I love the Lila had Petal with her!

    Who thought of giving Lila a baby doll? Genius.

    This footage is seriously to die for. We DO care.

    More of this please.

  15. it's cute overload, twopretzels-style. :) love the fact that lila is already chatting her sister up one side and down the other. good thing vivi looks patient. :) they're going to be SUCH a fun pair to watch grow up. hooray!


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