Things I love. (Baby/Kid, Maternity, Mommy stuff.)

For the little ones: (Ages 6 months+)
We bought Lila this Yookidoo Flow n' Fill Spout for Christmas and she loves it. Basically it suctions to the side of the tub and recirculates water so that you don't have to keep the faucet running constantly for your kid who likes to play with the running water.

It's uber-fun and we've had it since Christmas and haven't changed the batteries once. Great gift idea for any kid you know. Especially ones that bathe. (Hee hee.)


For those who are washing baby bottles, breast pump pieces & toddler cups:
I adore this OXO bottle brush. Why?  It's neat and clean and comes with a little stand that has a DRAIN in it so that you can pour out the excess water. (Yay! No scummy-water build-up!) It's $3.99 on amazon and is my favorite bottle brush YET. See here.


For nursing Moms... and women world-wide:
Lily Padz reusable breast pads. **MEN** Stop reading here. You won't want to keep reading. This will not interest you.

I would use these even if I wasn't nursing. They are the IDEAL backless shirt solution for those of us who do not have ginormous up-tops but need a nipple solution. (I don't know that I've ever used the word, "nipple" on this blog. Oddly.)

But for breastfeeding? They're great.

They're silicone, non-disposable breast pads.

1.) They actually work. They "stick" to your breast and nipple area and provide a non-painful pressure against your nipples so that when your milk is "letting down" you don't have any leakage. It's incredible.

**NOTE: You will still experience a small pool of milk inside if you're engorged. (But it won't leak!) These probably work better for those with an established milk supply. I've used them EVERY day since my milk has come in.
2.) They STICK. They actually STICK. And they don't just randomly fall off!

3.) They're a phenomenal alternative to the constant crinkling of disposable breast pads (BOO) and they're a good buy for the environment.

4.) You wash them once a day with dish soap and wah-la! They stick again perfectly.

5.) You don't have to wear a BRA WITH breastpads in it to bed! You can just wear these little things. WAH-WHO!

Word on the street is that the last for 2-3 months. I'll keep you posted on that...

You can buy a two-pack here. Well worth the money.


For little ladies with hair:
Fleur de Lulu clippies.

I am ADDICTED to Fleur de Lulu clippies for Lila. To date, Lila is the proud owner and wear-er of more than 20 clippies and I can barely stand how cute they are. Lila loves to pick them one out each morning.  (Sometimes she picks out two. Or three.) They're SO well made and actually STAY in her hair. Best yet? They're made by a fellow blogger. (See here.) Become a fan of Fleur de Lulu on facebook and buy some clippies. They're adorable.


For toddlers who dump food off their highchair trays:

Toppy Tippee toddler eating supplies.

Lila, bless her heart, likes to sometimes toss her plates and bowls off the side of her highchair tray. It's awesome annoying. Her Mimi bought her this Tommee Tippee Explora easi-mat and it's awesome. It sticks to pretty much any surface and all Tommee Tippee bowls/plates stick to it and kids can't throw them overboard.

The mat is available at Babies R Us for $7. (They're double that price on amazon. Gasp!)

We really like the food pots for $5.

The bowls. (Perfect portion size.) $5 on Lila enjoys her corn flakes in them.

And especially the section plates. (Lila uses these everyday at nearly every meal). $14 on amazon.

...and that's all for now. My current favorites.



  1. i bought my nephew the Yookidoo spout bath thing and he still likes it (he's 1 now). i was very proud of myself for 1). buying him a toy he didn't have and 2). buying him a toy he really likes.

  2. My family must have the Yookidoo Spout! I pay so much on a water bill this would at least save me some money! Sam and Evan would just love it! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I have many friends with kids and I love when you do these lists because I can stay in the loop with certain items for the kids!


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