Lumpy cysts, facial sores and shrinking gums: why meth is still a bad idea, kids.

2/26/2011 04:16:00 PM

The law enforcement folks in Multnomah County, Oregon have started a new anti-drug campaign that they're hoping preys on teenagers vanity.

They're showing initial mug shots of drug users next to their most recent mug shots in an effort to get kiddos to stop doing the cocaine, the meth and the heroin.


Take a look at these individuals "before" and "after"... Take special note of the duration of time between the before and after. Sometimes in just MONTHS these people look like they've aged 20 years.

Click here to see the article and slideshow.


Just say no, kiddies.
There isn't enough botox, chemical peels or cosmetic dentistry in the world to fix this.



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