Lila Lunes: You guys, she turns 2 in 4 months.

2/21/2011 05:08:00 AM

Oh Lila.
You're awesome.

It's true. You're cool. It's been ridiculously fun watching your personality develop. I can safely say, I adore you. So does your Daddy. He always says, "I've never smiled this much until Lila came along." And it's so true.

I cannot even fathom that you're four months shy of two years old... It seems like in the past month you've skyrocketed from my sweet little baby to my big girl. I mean, slow your roll already. Ok?

You smile all.of.the.time.

And you talk INCESSANTLY. (My Mom says this is how I was. Imagine that.) And, you've discovered that you're funny. And you've discovered how awesome it is to be funny in front of others. Laughing is part of your daily schedule.

Speaking of your daily schedule; it involves going to the park everyday, playing with your water table, eating cheese, playing with sidewalk chalk, petting Ferg, tickling Vivi, reading, dancing and playing. (Not a bad life.)

You've seamlessly morphed into a good big sister and have truly shown no signs of jealousy. (I'm serious.)

In fact, this past weekend you were standing on the bed in Vivi's room over and over again and falling backwards into the pillows.

Sadly, you bonked your head really hard on the [concrete] wall. (Poor parenting on my part, I know. Hey - accidents happen.) And you screamed and lifted your arms for me. I held you for 8 seconds then you pointed to Vivi who was just feet away... I took you to her, you tickled her and snuggled her and you IMMEDIATELY stopped crying.

Sweet girl, cuddling with your sister made you feel better.

[insert heavy, happy, Mommy sigh...]

At this point in your 20 months, there is one very obvious love of your life:

Your Daddy.

I think the feeling is mutual.

You're awesome, Lila.

Love you to the moon and back.


More pics...

WHERE did my baby go?

I adore how your dress.

Lila's new light-up shoes from cousin Chloe are a danger: she never looks UP when she walks... she's too busy staring at her feet. :)

Lila and her sister.

Pig tails.

"Mommy, please get out of my view of Yo Gabba Gabba."

She's growing up.

 "Lila" as taken by Chloe...

At the beach... Posing.

I love this picture...





  1. Oh, Friend. This is beautiful. Each and every word. Your little, big girl is just so beautiful. . . as beautiful as your love for her.

    Heavy sigh, indeed.

    Each pic is beautiful, but the photos of Lila and C. . .priceless.

    (Love the arm warmers, too.)

  2. I seriously canNOT believe she is almost 2 years old. Crazy!

    What a sweet post and these pictures are just fantastic! She is her own little person and that is so awesome!

  3. Oh wow! Almost 2? What happened?

    Love the beach pics.

  4. I love her arm warmers. Why can't women get away with such fashion the way little girls can? You take beautiful pictures. Iam jealous.

  5. i can't get over the pig tails!! those age the little cutie by about a year or 2.

    i loved these pics! and your words, too. love you.

  6. There is nothing more precious than a little girl with her daddy. :)

  7. what a special post for Lila. she is growing up so fast and it is awesome that you share her with the rest of us! love the pics.


  8. Do you feel it is going even faster now?

    Love the photos on the beach...and those pigtails. Ahhh...the cuteness kills me.


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