Lila Lunes: She's a big sister now.

Oh sweet, Lila.

It's been quite a couple of weeks for you...

You're doing so well being a big sister.

However, it's true, you can't stand that your sister is always wearing a hat and you continuously remove hers.

And it's true when she cries wails, you immediately start crying, too. (You're empathetic already?! I'm so proud!)

And it's true that you love helping to burp her. ("Tap, tap, tap.")

And it's true that you love kissing her and hugging her. And when you do? You pause, hold your head next to her and say, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." (My heart melts each time you do this.)

I think this whole sister-thing is going to work out, sweet Lila Ross.

There you are reading to your sister... I wish I could say I posed you like that, but I absolutely didn't, sweet girl. You just wanted to read to Vivienne.

I think it's all going to work out, Lila Ross.

I love you, baby girl.

Your Mommy


Some pictures...

I adore that face. (This is Lila dancing.)

Water is SO MUCH FUN.

Lila decided to re-decorate during her nap. (Don't worry, the frames are adhered to the wall REALLY well. They shift, but can't fall off.)

We were laughing at Lila so naturally, Lila was laughing at Lila. :) (I LOVE THAT FACE.)

Still laughing...

The many faces of Lila...

It's been cold here. I'm serious.

Cold or not, the cooking of water must go on.

As should the feeding/serving of water to Ferg.

I love this kid.

P.S. Ferg and Lila have solidified their relationship: they're best friends. They play together every day. Lila kicks the ball, Ferg chases it. Lila stomps her feet to get Ferg ready to chase her, then Ferg chases her. (Then Lila laughs.)

Every kid should have a dog.



  1. I'm so happy that Lila is in love with her sister! I'm sure it's making things easier (if that's possible) for you.

    When you first introduced Vivienne to us, I thought - wow, she looks like Lila. But now I'm not so sure! I love how dark her hair looks!

  2. Deep, deep sigh. This is beautiful, my Friend. Just beautiful.

    Lila is precious. . . as is her little sister.

  3. You are so very blessed! And if you keep posting pictures like this, I may have to scrape together enough miles to get myself a ticket to your doorstep...

  4. The picture of them together is just precious!! Now you have 2 beautiful girls. You must be the happiest mommy in the world. :-)

  5. What a great big sister. The hugs and the reading to her....too cute!

    And the laughing pictures after her nap, hilarious! She is too much.

  6. I'm so happy this transition is going so well for you!

  7. Congratulation. They are both darling!! I loved the introduction video. = )


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